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back to school Email Bag | Back To School iPhone Application It’s that time for most parents to get geared up for the beginning of school. These are some back to school items on my back to school list for my high school student.

  • Athletic physical if your youngster participates in any sports
  • Physical examinations
  • Eye examinations
  • Dental checkup – teeth clean and cavities filled, etc.
  • Rummage through closets for books that need to be returned to the library
  • Driver license for children who need to switch their learner’s permit
  • SAT/ACT registrations.
  • College Applications.
  • Updating NCAA website
  • Sending out official high school transcripts
  • Sending out official SAT/ACT scores
  • Tons of phone calls to coaches.
  • Finalizing camps visits and followup letters
  • Plan a five year goal plan for children about to leave the nest
  • School supplies inventory
  • School clothing inventory
  • Reconnect with partner
  • Make sure older child has all paperwork order for next transition into the next stage of their development
  • Make sure traveling papers are in order – Passports, etc.
  • Passports updated
  • Update immunization shots if needed
  • Remember to enjoy the youngster when I am at my wits end…
  • Remember to not lose my cool when my older child does not want my assistance because he is finding his way in this god forsaken world.
  • Remember that it is OK to look forward to becoming an empty Nester
  • Take care of myself, my health and smile at the small stuff and the things I can’t change
  • Remember that my husband is only human and so am I!
  • I love my husband and we can weather any storm….must remember that when I want to blow my cool. Mental note: I love this man I married through thick and thin; sick and sin.
  • Remember that we are both imperfect individuals join together…and hopefully we don’t let anything asunder the union.
  • Connect with family members and remind them that you love them too!
  • Pray for the best outcome
  • PRAY and than PRAY!

Thanks a million for the email Dr. Ruth and Thanks Dr Archima – keeping a sista girl on her toes. I love emails that educated and empowered. Thanks for sharing!

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