Digital Photo of the Day | Protect Yourself with a Magnum Rubber Raincoat

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Yeah boy…..don’t forget to leave home without your magnum raincoat in your purse or wallet. This Magnum ad campaign is really not about black men having huge penises but hopefully it does convey a message that women and men need to protect themselves when they go out in the rain….get my drift!

Besides I don’t know if anyone has ever seen Ludacris penis online anywhere…we seen a lot of female asscheeks and guys standing around in his music videos but not the man meat or private goods. For all we know his penis could be the size of my thumb….we are assuming Magnum means big boy meat!  The reports over the Magnum ad campaign and their reviews reminds me of the Mandigo stereotypical hype but as quiet as it is kept…..there are a lot of men with penises bigger than black men. It is an misperception….you live long enough, date a few men and than settle down….you’ll understand what I am talking about, go rent a few porn movies with non black men and you might just reconsider your point of view.

Who Should Be Paying Attention To This Ad-Since folks want to tell you black men have big penises and you may only be dating or married to a black man. However all women of all nationalities should be concern with protection: Particularly black women who are the highest growing number of women to contract the HIV virus among a slew of diseases that no one likes to discuss over cocktails nor coffee. Some folks are still very comfortable about having sexual intercourse without the use of an condom including couples that are married and especially when you learn you’re married to someone you need to raise an eyebrow to! It is a perfect marriage of hip hop, sex and entertainment in bed together…..nothing spells safe sex more than an women or man pulling out an magnum condom before they toss boots, roll in the hay and simply keeping it real about safe sex…heck, if your jimmy doesn’t fit Magnum buy Trojan but don’t be all out there in the wilderness barebacking it like you done check medical records and saw the GYN annual test results…..that is for both men and women.

Based on some of the articles popping up on blogs in cyberspace…..some folks find it stereotypical and endorses the hip hop community and might read into the message that Magnum ad campaign is attempting to send a stereotypical message by recruiting Ludacris. The message is very clear… Magnum for your dong! I don’t care what color you are, your nationality or your gender….practice safe sex, it is a jungle with a beast out there waiting to latch onto your loins. Don’t get it twisted….practice safe sex and use a condom!

Magnum should make condoms in small, medium and large due to the brand…..Not every women is seeking a large phallus! Just a random thought!

According to the  New York Times article about Magnum condoms, the Trojan subbrand that “has been given an unsolicited lift by hip-hop artists,” prompting company execs to turn to Ludacris as a spokesperson and bad slow jams as their new ad campaign. You might call this the Cristal corollary. To wit:

At the center of the campaign is a contest, where participants go to to download base tracks, then record their own Magnum-themed lyrics and upload their entries. Visitors to the site will vote for their favorites, with the winner receiving $5,000 and a trip to Birthday Bash, a hip-hop festival on June 19 in Atlanta. At the show, the winner will be brought onstage by Ludacris and congratulated.A quick listen at the website in question reveals a plethora of sub-R. Kelly bedroom stuff and a few tinny-sounding strip club anthems to choose from, should you happen to be a budding rapper and interested in making a new jingle for a condom company.

The Times doesn’t mention the famous Jay-Z v. Cristal showdown here, but there’s probably some element of that in Trojan’s thinking. Embrace rap, in other words, before a superstar decides to manufacture or partner with his own line of oversized (well, not really) prophylactics and shills for them in song, a la Jay’s Ace of Spades, Diddy’s Ciroc, or Ludacris’s own Conjure. Gawker thinks the whole thing is about stereotypes.

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