quiet Be Quiet. STFU.....LISTEN


Sometimes it is best to shut the fuck up n listen. You do not know everything. Momma use to say.:

  • Are you teachable?
  • um-mm….NAH…YOUR MOUTH is not a prayer book. Nope you do not know everything thing. NOPE. STFU!….know when to be MUM. Be quiet n listen sometime….it may just save you….K. Justsaying. Have some f’ing respect toward those that spew n know what it do before you. BE QUIET. STFU…..oh seriously….MUM!
  • Just because you get a education. You do not know everything. Life is a education. There are some things in life that is higher than a education. I believe mother….I have lived n I am still learning more than a text book could ever teach me. Justsaying…..
  • Dumb down is not the business.
  • Pay attention. Some folks know more than you.
  • Your circle. Perhaps you need a new circle of people.
  • Never judge folks by the clothing they wear….TRUTH!
  • Pay attention n be teachable. READ.
  • At the end of the day. Thank you Mother n Father n Nanna. Appreciate you….you are a blessing in my life.
  • Thank you Mother….I need to know. 
  • And Still “I RISE”. 

My “MUM” said to me in passing when I was knee high….YEAH! I was listening to every word mommy spew….she did not think I was but I was. Mother said along the way rich is not define by what folks are wearing. Notice the tee-shirts folks are wearing….rip up teshirt

Clothing that one wears on their backs do not define riches nor being wealthy. I took “mother’ word n bantering spew to heart. I believed her….although she did not believe I was listening….I was. Lord have mercy fast forward….momma was telling the truth.

What one wear on their backs does not define richness nor wealth. Justsaying…….Pick up a book. Reading is fundamental. Nah….

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