WTF Moments | Urban Celebrity and the Media Planking Craze

plank WTF Moments | Urban Celebrity and the Media Planking Craze

BEWARE! The urban celebrity community and the media planking craze on a social media network and television screen near you. Celebrities and the media are attempting to start a new craze or ride off the behinds of folks who already started the crazed call “planking.” WTH? WTF? Are these folks thinking? Most of the folks that have a higher platform then the average working class individual are creating a trend and attempting to influence the masses. The urban community of celebrities are tweeting photographs of themselves via twitter and twitpic planking in odd positions for the purpose of what?




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I am confused why planking from odd places is a trend? Kids have lost their lives from planking. The Internet craze “planking” made headlines around the world on May 15ht, 2011, when a young man fell to his death from a hotel balcony in Brisbane, Queensland. According to London tabloid the Daily Mail, the man tried to “plank” himself by laying across the balcony railing.I asked my son what did he thought of planking? He conveyed to me that it was dumb and anyone that does it is an idiot.

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Photos have emerged of Footy Show star Sam Newman “planking” on the railing of a 40-storey balcony, taken hours before a Queensland man fell to his death attempting a similar stunt. reports:

In what is thought to be Australia’s first planking fatality, Acton Beale, 20, of Kangaroo Point, slipped when he tried to plank on a 5cm wide balcony railing outside his front door…

By 8am this morning the Planking Australia Facebook page had more than 85,000 followers, up from 65,000 last night and growing by the hour. New planking pages were opened in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Norway, while the trend is also attracting a huge amount of interest in the United States.

“I didn’t know about planking til I heard the news. This is not a dangerous sport promoting stupidity. It’s just a random thing for fun as far as I’m concerned. That death is no different to teens drinking and driving or jumping from the balcony to a pool,”Nick Möllers writes.
Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett say Mr Beale’s companion had confirmed the 20-year-old had been drinking before the fatal incident.
The most intelligent piece of advice when it comes to planking has come from Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard:

“There’s a difference between a harmless bit of fun done somewhere that’s really safe and taking a risk with your life,” she told reporters in Sydney.

“Everybody likes a bit of fun, but focus has to be on keeping yourself safe first.”

Note: Prior to Acton’s death, Kerry Anne Kennerly and Karl Stevanovic were both filmed planking on their  morning shows.

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I would have to agree…if the pictures you view above are not the actual planking exercise to build the core of your body. What the hell is the purpose? Why are the urban celebrities and the media promoting planking? #Planking is #Dead on arrival unless of course you’re exercising to strengthen your core muscles in a safe zone.

WTF Moments that comes to mind concerning the the creepy planking phenomena. Planking involves participants lying down in unusual places and then uploading pictures of themselves to social media networking websites.:

What if you unknowingly stick or place your face and body on an infectious?

What if your intoxicated when you decide to plank from a building or wall that does not fit your body type?

What if you are encouraging a depressed individual to plank that simply need a push over the edge of an building?

What is the real motivation of this trend so called “harmless fun” by the celebrities and the media?

Why not simply encourage folks to move their body to plank to get physically fit?

#Planking is popular in Australia and Asia.



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