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Thephotographer4you MessageForMontanaFisburne423 WTF Moment | Montana Fishburne Response @jamiefoxxus @mfishburne There are a number of reasons why Montana Fishburne will never be a porn superstar if she is relying on folks to support her career choice to become an porn actress. That lame ass line about an African American female representing in the porn industry is a bunch of bullshit…….especially with HIV spreading faster in the African American community by transmission of unprotected sex… would think with all that education your father paid getting you educated that you could come up with a better line than that one. Really…..oh really you want to be a porn starlet. Just wait until your sextape release…..that tape will be on every torrent for free downloading. You can not possibly be that slow or are you?

  • Folks frown upon the fact that you were a privileged black girl from a privilege background.  @TanaFishburne your career decision does not reflect that your making a wise choice
  • Black don’t typically support and nor will they speak out to support porn in the open. Therefore there will probably be a minimal amount of folks buying it.
  • The positive thing to come out of this is that parents will look at their own daughters and son who are about to turn eighteen and get really real with them about their career choices
  • The positive thing is that advocates may come out of the woodwork to stand against sextapes being produced by girls under the age of 21 years old. When ever there is a high profile case of any kind in this society and a celebrity…media is not too far behind.
  • Your father will never support you being a porn star and they should not response to none of this nonsense
  • Kim Kardasian is probably feeling a little salty and about now never want to speak to your ignorant ass…..
  • I support your father giving Johny come lately a royal ass whipping for turning out his daughter
  • The only reason why your name is on the tongue of everyone lips is because your father is Laurence Fishburne…
  • Vivid Entertainment decided to market you they were counting on that marketability based on your father’s success….#JustSaying
  • What you were not counting on is the feedback from bloggers, the media and news outlets….I know damn well you did not expect a warm reception from the fans base of your father?
  • If I were @TanaFishburne I would continue to attempt to contact your father…when your 15 minutes is up, you will need your family. Once those sales figures come in from Vivid Entertainment you may realize that there will never be an African American porn superstar….trust me there are black girls in the world who already tried that route
  • It is apparent to me from your shelter background you don’t keep up with the internet or you really are an idiot. Every torrent, web filing and porn underground website will upload your porn video for folks to view your blotchy black ass for free.
  • Any man in his right mind would screw you behind closed doors but will never publicly admit it after viewing your blotchy ass all over the internet….that shit was not cute, what a fucking embarrassment.
  • We get that your grown but society view an adult that is 21 years old…you are not even able to consume alcohol legally and you think producing a fuck film will catapult your ass to fame? HUH?? What an airhead point of view…..
  • Oh really….seriously you think I want my nieces and friends daughters to become a Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc and all the other girls who put their pussy on display on the internet? Uh huh! Even Kim K wish that day never happened after realizing Reggie Bush mother ain’t feeling her ass for real! When you decide to grow up….let’s hope your ass is not all used up!
  • One thing is for certain about @KimKardashian…when she showed up on a sextape that was a private moment, she did not look like a cheap trick performing hoe shit!
  • Your capitulations does not warrant a response from the Fishburne family nor your true friends. As a matter of fact I suggest they take a vacation until this breezes over….since you want to do you!

@TanaFishburne, @mfishburne

that is one weak ass response to state Jamie Foxx is gay…as a Jamie Foxx fan. Little girl I really wouldn’t give a flying fuck if he fucks with men…that is his choice. The last time I check is was grown, did not attempt to become successful of the hard work and sweat of someone else’s name….#JustSaying





According to the internet this interview of Montana and her ignorant comment are make the rounds.:

Montana talked about the frenzy surrounding her porno, Kim Kardashian being her inspiration, her father’s thoughts and feeling exploited by Brian Pumper.

Black Voices: To what do you attribute to all the hysteria?

Montana Fishburne: People are going to talk no matter what. I’m excited that people are talking about it. I hope everything turns to more positive. I mean, they should be more excited about new porn coming out. I haven’t seen a young black female porn star in a long time.

BV: Well, everyone wants to know what your father thinks about it?

MF: I mean, I haven’t talked to him directly yet. We have conflicting schedules, so it’s been hard. But, he’s upset. I hope he supports me. But as soon as I talk to him, you guys are going to hear something…. This is something I wanted to do; it’s a goal that I had. I think he’ll be proud that I accomplished one of my goals. So if I’m happy, I’m sure that he’ll be happy, too.                   <!–{12812876739221}–>

BV: How has Kim Kardashian really influenced you?

MF: She inspired me to go to Vivid. I always wanted to do porn. That was a given. So when I decided to start getting in to it, to see how I was going to go about it, I looked to her. Kim Kardashian released her sex tape with Vivid. Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson, Pamela Anderson, all these people. And they’re well known for having celebrity sex tapes. And Kim’s is the one that did the best. Not did the best, but I felt like she got the most hype and buzz out of it. And she decided not to do porn. I want to do another film. And if I do decide to go mainstream, I feel releasing porn with Vivid is the best company to do it with, because they have other avenues that they deal with. I’m loving Vivid right now. They’re the best.

BV: Now what’s your association with Brian Pumper? He’s saying that you have another movie coming out?

MF: I did a music video for him, but with my porn career, I’m focusing on Montana Fishburne with Vivid. That’s what it is. The whole Brian Pumper thing, I look at it as a mistake honestly. And I’m trying to get away from that and focus on Vivid and the release of this movie.

BV: Do you think he’s exploiting you?

MF: Yes, I feel taken advantage by Brian Pumper. I don’t really want to go into details about the situation. Jeremy [Greene, an aspiring porn actor], he feels for me, he knows how I feel about it. He has talked to Brian, and they have dealt with each other, because I don’t even want to deal with him anymore. I’m not in contact with Brian Pumper, and I’m just trying to get rid of the situation.

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