WATCH | Montana Fishburne Talks Family Name And To Be Sasha Grey

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I will be the first to admit…Montana Fishburne looks absolutely radiant and fabulous in her sit down interview. Poppa Fishburne can come out of hiding now! Daddy need to get over the embarrassment about sexuality because all grown up Montana sure as hell is not embarrassed about her sexuality. If I was daddy O Fishburne with his purse strings…perhaps daddy should fund his daughters future movies instead of Vivid Entertainment and make a fortune for his retirement. The part about he was not going to talk to his daughter to mainstream media until she changed her life did not work…NOW WHAT? Montana is after all a product of her environment, head strong, intelligent and very educated. Uh Huh! Screw what ya’all heard, daddy O’ Fishburne should create his own porn film production company, put on a directors cap, make his daughter wear condoms, get everyone tested for HIV, keep the drugs out of her nose, pick the men who will be doing the doggy style, create clean sensual sexual experiences on video and become the King Daddy of Porn! Weird but never been done before with any parent who has a child who wants a career in porn…that is one way to keep the eye on the prize. Keep the money in the family. Who lied to folks and told them their children all wanted to be doctors, lawyers and go the traditional route to success for their lives? #JUSTSAYING ish has changed since that lecture about going to college and getting a education for the white picket fence. We all better get with the program if we are going to keep up with the changing cyberspace society we all live in and connect to everyday. Sweet round chocolate ass looks refresh, the hair is moisturized, and Montana is speaking directly into the camera…perhaps she would be a better fit for the movie role “Lovelace” since Lindsay Lohan is out. #Justsaying rehabilitation does the body good and embracing what you decided to do as a women despite what anyone tells you! I will be the first one to say I was a prude ass when Montana Fishburne busted out on the scene…YUP! Nobody ask me and neither did Montana….matter of fact she was probably like, who the hell is this bitch if she even glances at my blog. Everyone on the Internet was surprise….as quiet as it is kept, that is how you make a cyber splash. BLAZING baby, no restrictions and shock effect! I think it had to do with the fact that her daddy is Lawrence Fishburne being a big time actor that had everyone’s tongue wagging. Fastforward: Ole girl done cash and deposit the checks. She does make some valid points in her sit down interview and plus she looks great! Removing drugs and a beat down pumper trying to pump you with bullshit does the mind good! Yeah, yeah, yeah….I talked buffoonery nonsense like the rest of the Internet..folks who pretend their asses is above getting naked on a video. So what! Ole girl looks fabulous, Fishburne skin and hair is on point, and she is absolutely glowing. My advice to anyone putting their naked ass on display and if your ass is going to do anything….look good doing it! Now that I mentioned that….I want a new nose, it is quite snarly and it flares! My forehead…can’t do nothing with that…would not want to. I’ve seen all those plastic surgery nightmares…a sista ain’t trying to walk around with a big scar across her dome. Plus only ignorant folks attack someone’s personal appearance…YUP! I was one of those folks talking shit about her blotchy spotty ass without knowing the full scoop on her round ass. That is what I get for reading other folks blogs and being a follower. Montana has been called leopard ass for as long as she can remember exposing her round ass to those privilege enough to get close to it! Oh well…..let me go and find a way to do me with my clothes on like Montana Fishburne!

 WATCH | Montana Fishburne Talks Family Name And To Be Sasha Grey

I love during the interview when Montana embraces her family name…she is a Fishburne dammit! What I take from the interview is Montana Fishburne is letting folks know they better get use to watching her sexy black round ass on the wide screen in an amazing positions with men because that is what she has inspired to become….next a mainstream actress like Sasha Grey. One thing is for certain is folks are not accustom to young black girls being candid about becoming a porn star. Fishburne is not done and will be gracing a movie screen near you in the future. For the ladies with a tight upper lip…don’t despair, dust off the bloomers, pull the cake makeup out the drawer, tighten up those vajayjay muscles because this 82 year old is speaking out to the press about her hooker scandal, and grandma refuses to apologize for her career choice!

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