Reggie Bush Should Keep His Heisman Trophy

Reggie Bush Heisman Trophy REMOVED From USC Reggie Bush Should Keep His Heisman Trophy

Last week I listened to all of the commentary about Reggie Bush and the USC removing every trace of his existence from the school. Since I am on the topic of race…let’s go in. I believe that this is an racial issue on many levels. Here is a black football player who clearly earned his award fair and square. The NCAA come after a long sleeping period to penalize the school, the players and future football players who hope to attend USC? Hell no it is not fair…matter of fact the rules should change to benefit the kids who play football for the schools. They risk their bodies all in the name of football. No one talks about the injuries the players endure off the field, how they must maintain a GPA average to maintain their partial or full scholarship, columbines fees, camps at the parents expense, gear at the parents expense, the rigorous training day in and day out and proper eating to maintain a certain body weight. All of this without any endorsements, stipend or salary until the player is drafted into the professional league. No one talks about the struggles that the student endures to simply buy a book if they are not granted a full ride, nor the lack of spending money for the goodies that most college students want like the school gear…tea-shirts, sweatshirts and the numerous cleats that are worn out after a few games. No sir…no one is talking about that. Instead we are focusing on whether to strip former Southern California running back Reggie Bush of the award he won in 2005 honoring college football’s top player. Future football players and parents should be up in arms about the NCAA decision because this could have been your son being stripped of his recognition and achievements that placed the USC college on the map as being one of the best colleges to attend. Reggie Bush should keep his trophy…he earned it fair and square.

hqdefault Reggie Bush Should Keep His Heisman TrophyI watch a group of young high school players play their heart out on the field with the hopes of playing professional football and attend a college that would take them to the next level. Matter of fact I live with one of those kids who hopes to play football and get a chance to be a running back on a college field. Some of these high school and college kids are barely making it financially..their parents are doing their best to assist the child obtain their dream of playing football. No endorsements, no sponsorship, recruiters coming to the school spewing false hope of obtaining a scholarship but not really a commitment of funding their way through college, camps promoting their coaches, columbines with exorbitant fees that promise the students they will become better players if they attend and college days that promise students coaches will be there to rate the student. The kids are not benefiting from all of the fanfare…the school reaps the benefits the entire life of an athletic player from high school throughout college than professional football. There are no promises made if a student play high school football nor in college. Of course the school gives the student with the most potential a full ride but heck the college makes millions per student by making up the cost of each student in ticket sales, gear and sponsorship while the student struggles through college. The winner is the college and student hopes to come out of college with their body in one piece with an education, diploma that would allow them to seek employment in their field and a shot to be drafted in the big league. As quiet as it is kept , even after a student is drafted they still can be cut from the team despite signing an contract. No one talks about that part of the sport….no sir! If Reggie Bush has to return his Heisman he should write a book about the perils of football to school the youngsters who idolize the sport. To make them aware that it is not all gravy and stars in the sky, the behind the scenes of getting into the professional football league. Get this….Baseball is dead: Football is America’s New Favorite Past Time.

  • Former USC coach Pete Carrol joined the Seattle Seahawks this year, and some have said that he left because he knew the punishment was about to come down on the school. He has denied those claims, and has said that he just wanted to become an NFL coach, and that that was his reason for leaving. College sports in the United States generate huge amounts of revenue through TV and ticket sales. USC will be drastically affected by the punishment, and will likely have a worse team, as players will avoid the school over the course of the next few years. It will be interesting to see the lasting impact on one of the best schools in the country.
  • As everyone on the planet reported — USC is removing all traces of Bush from the university after the NCAA ruled that Reggie received improper benefits while playing for the Trojans.
  • The Heisman Trophy Trust says it will “consider the issues” raised surrounding USC‘s decision to return its copy of the Heisman Trophy that running back Reggie Bush won in 2005. Source

A comment from Greg Cote of the Miami Herald that is on point:

“Southern Cal football, of course, is scandalized, as well, with talk that Reggie Bush will be made to return his 2005 Heisman Trophy. The good news? He never will be the most shamed USC Heisman winner as long as O.J. Simpson is drawing breath.”

From an athlete perspective.: I ask a few football players about their thoughts about Reggie Bush and they conveyed to me. Talking to an agent is not the same as taking steroids. It does not determine how a player is going to perform on the football field. It is base on the players performance. Plain and simply, cut and dry….@reggie_bush earned his Heisman trophy!

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