Oprah Is Contemplating a Wife Scorned Appearance from Paula Cook

I had taken this video down this morning because after listening to Steve Harvey tug at folks heart strings this morning….I thought we all have issues but you know what about now I am holding on to my stance….TEAM PAULA! All the way….all I kept thinking is if Harvey goes home with cheating and fidelity mess with Marge, she gonna have a rambo moment that makes Paula look like a saint. I get that we all fall short of the glory of God from time to time but I don’t agree with Fantasia committing suicide and then going on a promotional tour admitting to her failed attempt to take her life. No mane…that is not da truth! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth….perhaps the reason why Harvey is keeping it copacetic is because Barrino is slated to appear at the Hoodie Awards….girl can harp! Barrino’s entire album sounds good but ole’ girl got some serious legal issues that is going to suck up every damn dime she makes from this new release. Folks should go get her album and support but don’t support the nonsense of someone taking their life. No freaking way….I am not promoting that bullshit! I am a sista girl tried and true….it is not common for black folks to commit suicide #JUSTSAYING we are not going out like that….at least no one I know went there. I am not going to start condoning that behavior now for anyone in my quirky little world, black, blue, white, purple nor green. Please don’t think about killing yourselves and calling me. Hell you might really leave up out of here if you wait for me to rescue you…jeez I am slow at that sort of thing and would not recognize it over the phone that your reaching out for help. I would probably miss the telephone call…I am not a good candidate to save anyone from committing suicide…#JUSTSAYING lately black folks done lost their damn minds! Anyway the word on cyberstreet and it is buzzing loudly on the Google cybernet highway is that Queen Oprah known to some folks as Momma Oprah is contemplating a wife scorned appearance on her television show per. Now that is one show I will tune into with my popcorn in one hand and a glass of bubbly in the other.:

Per Radar Online:

Oprah Winfrey has reached out to Paula Cook to talk about how American Idol star Fantasia Barrino stole her husband, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Paula – whose husband Antwaun Cook allegedly left her and their two sons for the Grammy nominated singer – is still considering Oprah’s offer and has also been approached by Oscar winner Mo’Nique to appear on her talk show too.

And while Fantasia has now opened-up about her botched recent suicide attempt, Cook has taken a leave of absence from her teaching job while she considers her options.

A source told RadarOnline.com: “Paula has been approached by Oprah’s people to go on her chat show. She still hasn’t decided what she will do though, and she was also approached by Mo’Nique too.

“There was also the chance for her to appear on a new reality show about spurned women, and she’s considering another option to write a book about the whole Fantasia saga.

@Oprah, #Oprah, @Fantasia about now “I wonder is she having a oh shit moment?” All I know is she betta not dumb down and leave up out of hear. Stand up and deal with this monster……leave dude alone! Drop him like the bad habit that he is to your career and your family/your child…..so not worth it! Roll in the Hay (Fling) + Good Sex= He is poison to you and his wife!

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