Oh Really | Mel Gibson Public Image of Getting Gully

hqdefault Oh Really | Mel Gibson Public Image of Getting Gully It is clearly obvious that Mel Gibson and his baby momma are going through some things…and he got gully with it behind closed doors. It is not like some of you have never been in that place before. Oh Really! He called his baby momma a few names during the heat of an argument? Of course she was taping it? Uh Huh! Who the hell does that during a real argument….wait a minute and let me record you acting like a fool? Uh huh! Talk about setting a brother up for a fall that his girlfriend, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva knew that would be played out in the media…the blogs are eating it up. Guess what? she decided to date a man who was recently divorce and he was probably pissed off that he left his wife of over 40 years for this young lady…the writing was on the wall. She trick him, fulfilled his midlife crisis, had sex with no protection, fertilization of her egg, baby arrives, reality, and than all hell broke lose after the new cute infant fanfare wore off…next thing he knows he is paying child support payments. Dude is like I am already financially strapped, trying to keep up with the x-wife and my other children expenses…a man can only take but soo much. Is that an excuse for calling her some undesirable names? You be the judge!

Child please…not like you haven’t heard the term “NIGGER” before he said it. I am amazed at how we take the word nigger out of context and get up in an uproar about it in 2010. Yeah OK! I get the historical significance of the word for folks who had endured some serious fuck up moments that we can only hope that will not happened during my life time…civil right violations comes to mind but some of you folks still call folks “niggah and there is a lot of niggah shit going on in the world.”

I am over it! so much for fighting for the right of civil rights and respecting the civil rights movement! Uh huh! Now is the era we need to talk about niggah shit that makes all of us raise an eyebrow in regardless of skin color. Every nationality got some niggah shit up in it! We need to speak on it! White, black, green, purple, blue or whatever seed you spawn from…you can be from another universe and I am sure there is some niggah shit caught up in it!

Mel was having a fucking moment with his baby momma and shit went to the left during the conversation. I want to see the pictures of her teeth knocked out before I believe any of the other blog post and media blasting Mel Gibson girlfriend beatdown…..like the Riahnna v. Chris Brown beatdown publically splashed across cyberspace. Where are the hospital reports? By now the pictures should have been posted on a blog for the world to see. I am sure she has said some shit that was not recorded! This happens between most couples as quiet as it is kept.

Oh really…I am rolling my eyes at this story for now until the pictures show up. We are caught up in this perfect image of celebrities that we all lose sight that these folks are human beings. I can only imagine the knock down drag out arguments that these high and mighty celebrities have behind close doors. Get a life already and write about some important shit worth reading about..if you don’t know by now you better recognize. Mel Gibson was juiced up when he went on that rant about Jewish people and personally I thought it just gave him free publicity for his movie. Dude netted a fortune…….negative tabloid keeps folks tongue wagging. When was the last time you listen to a rap album singing about my niggah this and my niggah that…when white folks start talking and keeping it real, suddenly folks got a problem? A bunch of hypocrisy if you were to ask me….than again your not asking me. This ain’t about kissing ass either. I get soo tire of hearing about the word “NIGGER” and racist in the context that the individual is fuckup. What about the people who are making these claims. What is their story? I am sure they have said something to someone that they were bedding that was not desirable to hear on an audio recording….uh huh! At the end of the day….it is a lot of niggah shit going on amongst all nationalities and when they decide to display it we all have an opinion.

In one of the most explosive, racist and vile outbursts by a celebrity ever caught on tape, Mel Gibson told the mother of his love child that the way she was dressed would get her “raped by a pack of n***ers,” RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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