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Don’t Let Go – James Ingram This jam get down deep in your soul which can bring on nostalgia of years long past with love ones and friends. It can pick up your spirit when your going through that curve ball that life sometimes throw your way. Trouble don’t last always…don’t let go…keep the faith. Truthfully this should be the anthem that we all sing during this trying time in our lives. I am baby boomer and this is the first time I have witness what the world looks like during an simulated recession. Truthfully we could not survive a depression like our ancestors…half of us would kill ourselves if we had to stand in a soup kitchen line.

James Ingram “Don’t Let Go “

This jam is the real deal…it sings about what makes a man golden. We all had a man like this in our mind and perhaps we are with the man she is singing about in this track. This young lady does not get her rightful props…this young lady can harp. Raw talent and sings her songs with soul. This is an excellent song to give to that man your in love with or your husband who forgot what it means to have a real lady in his life. Check the sugar daddy…girl got her own flow. It’s all in the lyrics…just listen, sway and think!

Chrisette Michelle “Good Girls”

Rick Ross brought the music with his latest album…not sure what that beef with him and 50  cents is about. Dude came and took it up a notch…hip hop in the house. He is featuring major players on his new released album ” Deeper than Rap” to bad him and 50 cents could not work together. I am feeling some of his lyrics…its not too hard core but it does have a beat that make you move in your seat. Who knew that Rick Ross got down like this….this is one of the first albums of Rick Ross I really listened to…like I said…who knew!

Rick Ross “Bossy Lady”

Rick Ross “Magnificent Featuring John Legend”

Rick Ross “All I Really Want Featuring the Dream”

Rick Ross “Lay Back Featuring Robin Thicke”

Rick Ross “Maybach Featuring Birdman”

Rick Ross “Valley Of Death”….this is deep!

Lady Gaga “Just Dance Featuring Colby Odonis-Akon”  This chick is in a league all by herself but her sound is hip. Totally original and all about getting your ass moving on the dance floor.

Lady Gaga Poker Face”….I love this song! What does your poker face look like?

Dottie Peoples “It Ain’t Over”  Just know it is not over and the victory shall be yours. Just listen to Dottie sang this song and start cleaning your house. Put one foot in front of the other and keep it moving. It Ain’t Over!

Biggie “Things Done Change”. I remember the days when folks use to go clubbing and get their groove on..what about you? Biggie Small era…y’all!

Biggie “Going Back To Cali”

Tupac “Dear Mama” I love your dear mamma! I have no words for this song. I love Tupac’s music. He was deep and his rapping was ahead of his time.

Tupac “Dear Mama”

Tupac “Me Against the World”

Tupac ” Changes”

Tupac “Keep Your Head Up”

Tupac “I’ll Be Missing You”

P. Diddy did “I’ll Be Missing You”…which is a nice track and tribute to a friend that went away….I’ Be Missing all those who have passed on!

La Momma Morta from the Soundtrack Movie “Philadelphia”

Now I am off to listen to “Bettr Days Radio”…these two guys are fierce….grown folk talk!

Chrisette Michelle singing live in these two videos. This young lady really can sang!  Not many singers can do that ya’all know.

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