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0 Cyberlinking CyberHugs | Celebrity Cyberstreet I  hope you have a kiki moment over cocktails this labor day weekend. Be safe out there folks….the PoPo is on full alert to snag your drunk asses and meet their quota this weekend. What ya gonna do when they come for you…be on alert for DWI checkpoints for those who want to test the police, RAIDs for those who think they are undercover from the law and there is an #earthquake alert. Remember one thing…you ain’t the only with issues nor problems….how big are your problems? Only you and yours know that answer..Keep your heads up and come back soon!  Sit back, hug your partner, talk shit to one another and do the wild thing with your love one…cyberhug from sista girl.

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Weed Found in Paris Hilton’s Car

Screw what you heard…word on the cyberstreet Mathew Knowles Still Controls Sasha

This sista girl is becoming one of my favorite blog to go to for celeb deets for sure, absolutely love her energy and update….and you know it…..: She Didn’t Want That Type Of Raise Silly: Starring Summer’s Eve

Mark Pasetsky is the truth – Read to find out why he should get the cover of year awards…I can keep up with broman – Read

This dude be ranting and raving for sure to get the juices flow for advertiser geeks – Read

Dude is giving out grants for teenage boys—duh Psssst Send him an email and ask is it for black students only…I don’t know? – Read

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