Blog Spotlight | Purplemath

I peeked my head into our home office this morning at my youngest son to interact with him during his day off from school. He was studying Algebra and that makes my heart warm and makes me smile. One of the most difficult courses I have ever encountered in college has been Algebra. I am [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Canon EOS 5D Mark II – External Speedlite Controls

Canon EOS 5D Mark II – External Speedlite Controls with Bruce Dorn, courtesy of Canon USA. Repost This Article [Read More]

Alert | Tipard YouTube Video Converter

Buzz on the Internet street: In order to help all YouTube fans perfectly broadcast themselves, Tipard Studio, a leading player in the multimedia software field, has launched a marvelous application, YouTube Video Converter with powerful video converting function and multiple editing functions to aid YouTube fans in sharing videos without any limitations. [...] [Read More]

Let’s Talk Industry | Youtube WebM

YouTube up loaders may not have control over whether their videos will be available in a free format. Only YpuTube videos that are declared popular by Google would be available in WebM, however only videos that are HD in 720p or greater format will be viewable in WebM. It may be in the best interest [...] [Read More]

CS5 | Photoshop Extended 3D Tips and Tricks II

Punch Out Holes – In the Repousse’ dialog you can manipulate the constraint using any of the Internal Constraints tools to either punch it out to make a hole or add separate extrusion parameters. You can add constraints to an existing Repousse’ object by drawing a selection or path and choosing either 3D>Repousse’>Create Constraints from [...] [Read More]

CS5 | Photoshop Extended 3D Tips and Tricks

Yesterday I started my list of tip and tricks and decided it is time to master Adobe CS5 Photoshop by self studying any material currently available on the market. I will share the test digital images at a later date…right now I am reading a lot of material that have my mouth in the WOW [...] [Read More]

Setting Up Parental Controls on your Computer

I had a very interesting chat with my sister this weekend about parental controls on her computer. She did not have any and has been putting it off. You know that line….I will eventually get to it but the truth of the matter is that day never came until she realize her sweet innocent and [...] [Read More]

Make Millions On The Internet Overnight

[singlepic id=657 w=320 h=240 float=center] Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Most people think they want money and fame but don’t have a clue about managing wealth. Most of us would go on a shopping spree for material items that would depreciate as soon as we leave the showroom or store. Oh well there is [...] [Read More]

FREE audio ebook: Think and Grow Rich

One of my facebook friends sent over a link to for the audio book “Think and Grow Rich.” I always wanted to read this book for extra inspiration and motivation to build success. Kazi Dolezal We are all entrepreneurs in the business of LIFE. Here’s a FREE audio ebook – Think & Grow Rich. [...] [Read More]

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AP challenges Google – Information Today Amazon Removes Ranking For Gay Books – Digits Conficker Launches Antivirus as Malware Hits Twitter – ARS Ticketmaster launch mobile commerce app for Blackberry – Mobile Marketer Twits who ruin Twitter – The Independent Media Too Much Photoshop – 15 Photoshop Tutorial – Web and Designers Sir Daniel and Drama Dupree – Better Days Radio Bartered [...] [Read More]

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