US Government to Block and Blacklist Piracy Websites

  A recently proposed bill named the Protect IP Act the law will remove websites that dish out pirated content from the Internet address books, making them hard to find by their domain name. The law would force search engines to stop listing these infringing sites in their index. The Protect IP Act would allow copyright holders [...] [Read More]

Does Frostwire Replace Limewire?

Some of the dudes at Limewire must have seen the writing on the wall before the defunct website got yanked off the Internet. The million dollar question: Does Frostwire replace Limewire? The popular Limewire bit torrent downloader was shutdown for copyright infringement. Both of the peer to peer uses the same network Gnutella, similiar code [...] [Read More]

Homeland Security Seized Torrent and Counterfeiting Websites

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Email Bag | Lucis Pro 6 and LucisArt 3 News

Bio-hazardous Threat Agents & E.J.D. Georgetown University Graduate 2009 I learned about Lucis Art several years ago when the creative team of Image Content Technology was looking for beta testers for the new Lucis Art Pro 6 release. The beta testing was abandon when the developer discovered that torrents websites uploaded her Adobe Photoshop plugin for [...] [Read More]

Limewire Is Officially Under Court Order To Shut Down

This is the Limewire website when you log onto with the hopes of downloading their software. The day of downloading software, movies and copyright material is slowly going to be a distant memory and a thing of the past. If your scared to go directly to Limewire website…click the image above to read the fine [...] [Read More]

Let’s Talk Industry | Tracking Torrent News

MPAA Copy-Protected DRM Site Hacked By Anonymous 25 New Private Trackers: October 2010 Edition How do I limit bandwidth with router? « WIFI For Business Wireless Fake Torrents, Also idea to stop future fakes Movies – Solar IDMB Rejects Film For Its Free Release On BitTorrent ( Bring in Traffic in Sneaky Ways While Staying Legit Repost This Article [Read More]

War On Torrents Is Ready To Block Pirate Websites

Yesterday lawmakers convened together in a room along with the Department of Justice to propose a new law how to combat piracy. The new law if passed would allow the Department of Justice to take over domain names of websites that promote copyright infringement. A group of US senators proposed legislation to make this a [...] [Read More]

Torrents Cyber Attack | Operation Payback Is A Bitch by Hackers

Word on the cyberstreet is hackers are taking down anti-piracy groups such as the MPA, RIAA, and Hollywood watchdogs with a vengeance. Participants put together the cyber attack via Twitter, Facebook and other forums in preparation for what they called “Operation: Payback (is a bitch) attack. Alledgly the websites of the MPAA and IFPI were [...] [Read More]

Torrent Websites Targeted by Anti-Piracy Cyber Hitmen

Nowadays the conversation about illegal downloading, piracy and torrent websites has been circulating in cyberspace. According to an India-based company working on behalf of Bollywood studios, there are a number of techniques they can use to deal with movie piracy, from the gentle to the particularly aggressive. Armed with the latest software and gadgetry, this wily [...] [Read More]

Torrent Abusers | Obama’s Commerce Secretary on Piracy

Yesterday the message was made to the world that downloading Torrents may become a activity of the past. Its on and popping. Downloading music, software and movies via may soon become a thing of the past that folks chat about over coffee….. President Obama Administration looks to scuttle torrent sites like The Pirate Bay – Read Obama’s [...] [Read More]

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