Cover of the Day | Message To The Pack of Haters

Struggling to survive in this world is serious business….do you despite the haters. The world will hand you some shit that can bring you to your knees; it depends on how you get back up is what really counts in this jungle we call life….it is a beast out there. Have a fabulous weekend beautiful [...] [Read More]

WATCH | T.I Keeping It Real With Larry King Live

I can see how shit went to the left in his life…..cause he was struggling with his altered ego, you know the TIP v. T.I and lords know the demons he was fighting against. Listen to that list of fire power, dude was carrying some serious firepower and the FBI was like “lets get this [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Miley Cyrus Lap Dance With Adam Shankman

Remember that conversation that had gotten Jamie Foxx to apologize to Miley: Jamie Foxx had words for Miley Cyrus during his weekend Sirius radio show “The Foxxhole,” judging by a audio posted on YouTube and heard below. During a discussion criticizing Miley, 16, for being upset at not getting to meet Radiohead backstage at the Grammys, Foxx, [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Fantasia Bittersweet American Idol Live

Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | 7 Years old Girls Shaking Their Booty To Single Ladies Song

A group of five girls that are 7 years old perform a dance to the song at the World of Dance 2010…although some say they are talented, there are debates brewing over whether or not these little girls should be on stage shaking and gravitating to the Beyonce hit song “All the Single Ladies” in [...] [Read More]

Lisa Presley Pleas For The Happy Flower To Michael Jackson Fans

This is such a beautiful act of kindness displayed. I will be sending a flower for his grave. His grave has been noticeably empty. She writes on her blog: “Greetings MJ Fans…. While visiting him a few days ago at Forest Lawn, Riley and I couldn’t help but notice that, while there are a few bouquets, candles and gifts [...] [Read More]

Video of the Day | Alicia Keyes Unthinkable I’m Ready

The Jake Nava directed clip showcases the complications and negativity associated with interracial couples throughout different decades starting in the 1960s up until now. Alicia Keys Ft. Drake – Unthinkable [Official Video] Alicia Keys sets up a back in the day concept video connect with family and a love bond Alicia Keys has to make [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | Christina Aguilera Butt Naked on GQ

Anytime you can pop out a baby, get your body back in shape in a timely manner and show up on a GQ cover butt ass naked wearing only black leather sick thigh high boots. gloves and give fierce hair and face…..your a bad bitch to me. Fierce all the way around and can sing [...] [Read More]

Fierce Women| Cynthia Nixon Sex Talk

The fire engine hair and her character in Sex in the city….all of them. Cynthia Nixon is More Than Just Sex Our favorite Sex and the City star opens up about coming out, her partner, going topless, and living out of the spotlight’s glare. Plus: Our video interview with Cynthia Nixon pn the Advocate. [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Lil Wayne Caught with Musical Contraband

Lil Wayne was not wearing that look you see in the digital image when they caught him with music contraband. However the Riker’s Island prison officials just gave him time to think about the infraction without the iPod and bling bling. How embarrassing for him to blunder while in lockup….wonder how long they plan on [...] [Read More]

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