Call the Authorities Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas on Ashley Reid

Ashley Reid. This bish has lost her mind. This grown woman making threats on social media platforms against Chilli aka Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas bout sucking off her daddy back in the day. That shit is not funny nor cute. Ummmm….in case doll does not know. Repost This Article [Read More]

Corporate America Where Are The Black Women?

It was all jokes when cast members Kenan Thompson was dressing up as a “black woman“. When dude made a statement when he blamed Saturday Night Live’s lack of diversity on Black comediennes not being “ready” during auditions. Uh huh….you go Kenan. No black women are among the 16 repertory or featured players currently on the show. [...] [Read More]

Naomi Campbell Extend Invite to Swim With Sharks

According to Panache reports Naomi Campbell extended a invite to swim in a tank with sharks. Rich folks with major bank that have nothing better to do. If Campbell was smart, she would keep her ass out of the tank. Ain’t no telling who that doll pissed off over the years. I would hate to [...] [Read More]

What$ Is A Designer Name Worth To The Customer?

Let me just say out the gate. I thought Oprah had lost her mind when she went shopping for a pricey handbag. We all know Ms. O can afford to buy a million of any pricey handbags. Apparently the sale clerk in Switzerland did not think so…..hmmm? Oprah had been shopping at an upscale boutique in [...] [Read More]

99 Percent of Us Do Not Know We Are Working Class

Here to tell ya….#99 percent of us are working class folks. Umm…live a lie or live the truth. We are the #99 percent. 99 percent of the working class population do not know they are working class people. Whassup with that? Could that be why 47% of the population is voting against their own best interest? [...] [Read More]

Brace Yourself. Dominoes Effect Bout to Go Down

Who lied to people n sheeple? We all fall down. No one will be immune if the United States Government falls down. TRUST N BELIEVE this spewing rant. Brace yourself dominoes effect bout to go down if the White House does d0es not open up> Start filing a bankruptcy. Shit bout to get real! Note: [...] [Read More]

What’s in a Name? Do You Have a Trademark ?

Line your face n voice with your brand. Who are you? Who knows you? Integrated in your community? Building your brand? Sham artist? On some different shit? WHO? Work it out. Work on your brand n mind your business and housekeeping. What do you have to offer? Job creator, offer internship for students seeking higher [...] [Read More]

The Government Shutdown is a Disaster

I fathom to wonder what will happen if the government does not open soon? The government shutdown is a disaster. The C-Span callers are very emotional tonight. Young men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect their country. In the meantime, Department of Veterans Affairs Spent $1 Million on TV Ads During Government Shutdown. Day [...] [Read More]

Your Social Security May Have Been Highjacked

Last night on 20/20 Binder and Binder (Google the name) name kept coming up about Social Security fraud. Eric Conn name keeps coming up on C-SPAN Live hearing. Notice the last name…..sweet peas Eric Conn is a con. Repost This Article [Read More]

40 Attempts to Repeal Obama-Cares

Don’t believe the hype. Obama does care. Dem pubs not so much for the working class constituents that elected them into office. Source Repost This Article [Read More]

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