Popping In To Say Hello. #YOLO

  What it do boo on this fine Saturday? You Only Live Once mi dear. Hello eeeeerybody checking into thephotographer4you® R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman. A brother went home. Did any of y’all get your daily, monthly, quarterly HIV test? Like really will you be supporting the George Zimmerman fight. BLACKOUT. WTF? Learn about Cryptocurrency. The future of money transactions. YEP! Facebook is 10 years [...] [Read More]

Air Force Soldier on Deck

Spread dem wings boy. One of my nephews told his momma he gonna get his wings. WHOOT! WHOOT! Gone boy fly the friendly skies….I see you youngin’…#Military kid on deck. Nephew said he wanted to fly the friendly skies, he wanted to see the world n he just want to see something outside of his community. Ain’t [...] [Read More]

Government is Under Evaluations

I believe the folks that work in the United States of American government is undergoing evaluations. Not sure why I feel that way. I hear the shaky voices n whatnot C-SPAN. Listen to dem peeps that represent your local communities…you know dem peeps you voted for. Listen to them after the vote representing your best [...] [Read More]

Hit Dem Pubs in the Wallet

As long as dem pubs are collecting a paycheck while the furlough workers scrimp n scrounge.The government will remain shutdown. These people think this is a joke. I would too if I was collecting a paycheck for buffoonery behavior n not passing a bill for five years. Jokes on the American people and dem tea party [...] [Read More]

Not Enough Black Folks Chiming into the Conversation

Why not….y’all scared you will be considered a sellout, ass-out or perhaps maybe you are stuck on dumb n asinine.   Repost This Article [Read More]

WTF U On People?

So this is what pot does to thinking minds? Dark light mi ass….whatever Snoop Dog n his followers…slow asses n you can’t be serious? w UMPH….eon a mini second. Yeah I thought dog was holding the dog pound down. Dog fan base made it painfully clean. Momma done….dog need a new audience ASAP! Justsaying……F all dat [...] [Read More]

Addressing Weaknesses

  You ever come in the cross roads during your life journey you must address your “weakness”. You either address or you will.: Repost This Article [Read More]

What Do You Do With Poop?

A lot of folks are living in despair, woe is me, why me, I can’t take it no more and I am bout to lose my mind up in here. Well that is the message I interpret on the street. What do you do when problems burden you? IDK what one should do? What do you [...] [Read More]

Happening Around Town | Stay Cation at Tropaz Hotel

An couple of weeks ago I attended my niece wedding in Washington, D.C.. Hubby and I made it an stay cation at the ‘Tropaz Hotel” an Kimpton Property. I had the pleasure of staying at an Kimpton property in California when Apple put their consultants up in the Silicon Valley, Cupertino hotel. I fell in [...] [Read More]

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