Blogging Daily November’s NaBloPoMo 2013

Today is the last day to enroll in November NaBloPoMo on Blogher. For blogging inspiration, every week, Blogher be handing out an iPad Mini and two passes to the 2014 BlogHer conference in San Jose, CA. for a chance to win a mini iPad and 2 passes. NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month and the rules for [...] [Read More]

Thanks for the Mad Love WordPress Subscribers

I’ve been reading through my Microsoft Outlook email all morning and afternoon. Out of 30K to 1 email. I notice every other email a WordPress subscriber. Repost This Article [Read More]

Phishing Scam: “Your Amazon order has been shipped”

I am behind with checking my email this month. I finally got around to reading my Microsoft Outlook mail. Screech…stop the traffic. Pause. This is a important intranet alert phishing scam “Your Amazon order has been shipped by my Engineer buddies n peeps. I don’t know about you? Most folks do remember the orders they placed [...] [Read More]

Don’t Waste Your Time on Bullshit

I had a stint. A moment in the Apple University. Damn…Steve Jobs is gone gone too soon. I got fire from the contractor team > contractor team. I love representing Apple products. Cried like a baby. Discrimination on full blast. Left promoting HP products thinking I had a opportunity. I want to curse now that [...] [Read More]

Is it WONK WONK Instagram ?

Since updating to the iOS7 the Instagram feature on my iPhone has been shady. Oh well….what it do Instagram n photo applications? Biting the dusk? Ummmm..Instagram y’all still in da fold? DSLR peeps mighty angry bout your nickel n dime photography. Justsaying….YURP! Sure the hell tis….Asinine programmer in da house? What? Stealing copyright images….whatever. Goddamn hen [...] [Read More]

Opinions Are Like Assholes. We All Have One. Own Yours.

My opinion is my own. It is mine. I own the bantering opinionated comment left on the wall. Opinions are like assholes. We all have one. Sort of like toilet paper when we shit. We all believe we need tissue to wipe our asses. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn. How bout that…. I comment [...] [Read More]

Kicked Out of Social Media Groups

I’ve been kicked out of social media groups n folks groups I thought was mi ace boo cue…groups that I thought were reputable n the real deal. Whatever….onto the next one. I feel a song coming up. Can I just say out loud. I don’t give a damn. Like really….was it something I said? Are were you [...] [Read More]

XeeMe n mi XeeU Frugal Foodie & Gonzo Gourmands

Best Pinterest spotted while surfing n trolling on a much needed break today. Shoutout to Terree: Frugal Foods. Repost This Article [Read More]

Gaming is for Crazy Birds with Time on their Hands

  Thank you darling Holly Jahangiri. You my virtual boo… WUV you much darling. (^_^) Thank you boobie for the instructions. I appreciate your deets n feedback Holly instructions: I swear there used to be a way… but you can kind of do it all at once. Click the Settings icon > Privacy > Blocking. Scroll down to Block apps or [...] [Read More]

It Must Have Been Something I Posted? @kevinpoleary

Note this asswipe trolls. It must have been something I’ve said, posted or responded on a social media platform that upset the troll? The troll does not want to hear? I get messages and comments on the daily. I can give a shit. When it is a slow day I check my Twitter connect stream. I [...] [Read More]

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