Time to Weed Social Media Groups

Over time you will find you have accumulated a social media library collection of inactive and subpar groups in your social media circle. I had a epiphany several days ago about continuing to participate in “said” groups I may have liked eons ago. After a while I have come to believe we outgrow our cyber circles for [...] [Read More]

Fake Followers and Twiends on Twitter

  I am glad to learn that 95 percent of my Twitter Twiends are real. Twank Tuo twiends…that is whassup! How many fake friends do you have on Twitter? Are folks using websites to gain social fans to toot their horn? Why would anyone embellish their social standing in cybersphere? Source   Repost This Article [Read More]

Klout is the King Daddy of Social Media Influence

Folks still twist their faces up from hearing the word “KLOUT”. Whatever…those folks are tweeting mindless tweets, stat copyrighted images, purchasing fake followers to increase their followers numbers in Cybersphere and outdated quotes into cybersphere. I like “KLOUT” and having KlOUT measure our Social media influence activity in cyber-sphere. Klout has updated the scores today. Our scores are [...] [Read More]

Top Google Chrome Extensions

Below are a list of the Top Chrome Extensions to use to make your Chrome surfing experience efficient. My favorite Chrome extension is Photo Zoom and Buffer. Repost This Article [Read More]

Read + Share + Spread = Stop #SOPA

You know the Youtube videos of your favorite celebrity pushing their latest mixtape, that movie you watch on a pirate website, those innocent videos of your darling kids singing and dancing on Youtube, that music you insert in your Youtube video and all that freedom you take for granted in cyberspace? If the powers to [...] [Read More]

Get Your Klout Badge for Your Blog

Klout has been all the rage in cyberspace lately. Word on the cyberstreet is Google+ added Klout. Want to place a badge on your blog? Go to the Klout widgets page and copy code. Join me on Klout to exchange Klout. Repost This Article [Read More]

Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

This is an update of my Empire Avenue account a couple of days after participating in an event hosted by a group on Empire Avenue http://bit.ly/XpendapaloozaIV The purpose of XpendapaloozaIV was to participate within the schedule 24 hour game period, be bought and invest in others in regardless of their social media stats, prices and dividends. I must admit [...] [Read More]

You Are Not a Gadget and Your Rights of Authorship

  Words to think about and consider when posting your images on the Internet. Lanier talked about Apple and Google, and the future of media content generation on The Edge .   You Are Not a Gadget: Written by Jaron Lanier ”Your Are Not a Gadget excerpt.” The Apple idea is that instead of the personal computer model where people own their own [...] [Read More]

Google+ Photograph Policy for Photographers

The maximum width for photos on G+ is 2048 pixels wide and Google+ doesn’t allow nude photos. Now no issue there with that policy. It’s made very clear in their terms of service and violating Google’s TOS. The image search feature allows Google+ to profit from other people’s work without compensation. The TOS (terms of service) allows [...] [Read More]

What Is Google+ and Why Eventually You Will Join the Circle

I have found the best way to manage your Google+ account is by installing extensions for the Chrome browser.   Repost This Article [Read More]

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