Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

This is an update of my Empire Avenue account a couple of days after participating in an event hosted by a group on Empire Avenue http://bit.ly/XpendapaloozaIV The purpose of XpendapaloozaIV was to participate within the schedule 24 hour game period, be bought and invest in others in regardless of their social media stats, prices and dividends. I must admit [...] [Read More]

Facebook RSS Graffiti To Publish Blog Post Feeds

For a while I had been cheating on Twitterfeed with RSS Graffiti to see who gave me the best satisfaction. When I read this morning that the Twitterfeed service. Up until this morning I was feeling apprehensive about Twitterfeed with their temporary problems posting my blog posts to Facebook and Twitter. A sista girl has [...] [Read More]

Twitter Tweets Can Earn $50,000 A Month

When I read this blip about twitter celebs can earn $50,ooo per month. Lady Gaga came to mind….did you know she has 1 billion viewer hits on Youtube? This article might make you roll your eyes and be jealous with envy based on the dollar figure being reported by the media. Now this data may [...] [Read More]

Google Analytics Don’t Match Your Google Webmaster Tools

A dude from Washington, D.C. asked Google about why the Google Analytics don’t match the Google Webmaster tools? A cat by the name of Matt Cutts offered reasons in a recent video posted on YouTube….do folks pay attention to websites analytics anymore? Why don’t the analytics in Google Webmaster Tools, where it says click [...] [Read More]

Let’s Talk Industry | Blog Websites Ranking Above 100,000K

Over the last two years I watched my website ranking and statistics measurements grow by Alexa, Google, Lijit and my host provider go from 5 million to 185K. At first I thought it really meant something in terms of readership. Not exactly…it is more important to advertisers than it is to the readership of your [...] [Read More]

Let’s Talk Industry | Google Webmaster Tools

It has been quite a while since I have checked my Google Webmaster tools features. The numbers in the graph are from thephotographer4you website… Last Friday Google updated the Webmaster tools with some new interfaces to allow users to analyze the links their site is receiving. I must say it is a quite resourceful and [...] [Read More]

Blogging | Tools and Tips for the Beginner Blogger

How can I get started as a blogger? What are the available tools available once I get my website live? When I first started blogging which was eons ago….I setup up a free website on the internet, lost interest and let the blog stagnate after about one or two post. That was about ten years [...] [Read More]

NSFW | The Most Disgusting and Disburbing Website on the Internet

Encyclopedia Dramatica Over the weekend while surfing the internet I came across a term being used called “Special Fried Rice” which is the blue waffle for men when they contract an STD. I could not find a digital image on the internet but I did find a website called Encyclopedia Dramatica. I am warning you to [...] [Read More]

Do You Know What Is Inside The Mind of Google?

The one-hour documentary delivers a comprehensive look at Google’s crown jewel– its Internet search engine- the most visited web site in the world. In fact, despite formidable competition, nearly two-thirds of Internet searches worldwide are done on Google. Bartiromo speaks with Google Vice President Marissa Mayer, the keeper of the simple, uncluttered and clean “look” [...] [Read More]

On The Internet Street

Automatic Buys WP – WP Blog WordPress Premium Magazine Layout Theme – Sitepoint First Gay Millionaire – On Top Magazine DC Is So Excited For Prom – Gawker Confessions Of A Tech Blogging Grandmother – Ulitzer Washington Redskins tight end and blogger extraordinaire Chris Cooley – Redskin Blogging For Dollars – Boston Video of the Day: N.A.S.A. – Staticblog Embeddable Book Club Widget [...] [Read More]

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