USCF It Kid | Maxwell Airman soars to top of chess world

In just 11 years the finace for Maxwell’s Air Force Culture and Language Center has risen to the top of his game in a sport that take a lifetime to master. First Lt. Gordon Randall recently brought home four trophies from the U.S Armed Forces Open Chess Championship held at Ft. Eustis, VA Oct 12-14. [...] [Read More]

Gaming is for Crazy Birds with Time on their Hands

  Thank you darling Holly Jahangiri. You my virtual boo… WUV you much darling. (^_^) Thank you boobie for the instructions. I appreciate your deets n feedback Holly instructions: I swear there used to be a way… but you can kind of do it all at once. Click the Settings icon > Privacy > Blocking. Scroll down to Block apps or [...] [Read More]

(e)PHOTOG4YOU Quits Empire Avenue

Two months ago I joined a website called “Empire Avenue” the virtual stock market. In the beginning it was exciting and a great ego booster. As time went on I realized it was becoming an extremely time consuming game that did not offer the handle (e)PHOTOG4YOU any real value. Repost This Article [Read More]

What (e)PHOTOG4YOU Learned About Empire Avenue Overnight

Yesterday I posted self promotional deets on one of my favorite Facebook groups Team Zen. Underneath the FB and Flickr post: Repost This Article [Read More]

Empire Avenue After XpendapaloozaIV Buying and Emeeting

This is an update of my Empire Avenue account a couple of days after participating in an event hosted by a group on Empire Avenue The purpose of XpendapaloozaIV was to participate within the schedule 24 hour game period, be bought and invest in others in regardless of their social media stats, prices and dividends. I must admit [...] [Read More]

Is Your iPhone Bulletproof?

Your iPhone can stop bullets from hitting a man sentenced to death. Repost This Article [Read More]

KICK-ASS FOR APPLE iPhone, iTouch, and iPad

New York, N.Y. April 17th, 2010 – WHA Entertainment announced today that the Kick-Ass game based on the blockbuster motion picture of the same name is now available worldwide for the Apple Platforms, iPhone, iTouch and iPad. The MSRP for all Apple Platforms of the superhero action game is $2.99. Additionally, the PSN version of [...] [Read More]

Today Is Talk Like A Pirate Day

Image via Wikipedia TorrentFreak previously had the honor to have a chat with one of the inventors of the International Pirate holiday, Mark Summers, better known as “Cap’n Slappy.” He and his friend John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) first celebrated the holiday back in 1995 and many others have followed their example ever since. Read More Repost [...] [Read More]

Fantasy Virtual Stock Market Game

[singlepic id=644 w=320 h=240 float=center] Every once in a while the “The Washington Post Magazine” which is inside of the Sunday Washington Post newspaper in between the coupons enclosed in the center features a newsworthy story that grabs my attention long enough for me to read the entire article. When I finally had a chance to [...] [Read More]

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