Things People Pretend That Does Not Exist

I do not give a shit who you are either. Black, white, purple, green, yellow and blue and whatever your ethnicity? People come in all spectrum of the rainbow, shapes and sizes. #EnoughAlready. We all bleed red and all our hearts pump red blood. Lest your ass is a alien from outer space or from another [...] [Read More]

Favorite Black Girl Rock Moment

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Hair Scarf v. Jihad

I am serious cause I wrap my head in a head wrap that is called a Jihad in Muslim cultures. As a black woman we are known to wear hair scarf on our heads that mimic other cultures. No one wants to have that real conversation though.   Repost This Article [Read More]

Naomi Campbell Extend Invite to Swim With Sharks

According to Panache reports Naomi Campbell extended a invite to swim in a tank with sharks. Rich folks with major bank that have nothing better to do. If Campbell was smart, she would keep her ass out of the tank. Ain’t no telling who that doll pissed off over the years. I would hate to [...] [Read More]

Fierce n Fab | Vote Titi Aynaw (for Miss Universe)!

This young lady is absolutely beautiful to me. That is it! Repost This Article [Read More]

Rihanna | Gurl Not Mad At You…WERK BITCH!

Bitch betta let the lord or Allah use her. Whatever the lord n your GOD is to you. Let em use you. WERK BITCH! Rihanna is a bad bitch. Yeah she is….fuck you hateful bitches and mofos. Repost This Article [Read More]

Naomi Campbell Skin Care Advice

Doll lost me with the “interview” comment after the break. Whatever. Child please….I thought Campbell was not going to be modeling anymore? Doll does look fabulous in her “First Lady” photoshoot. Girl must be spewing to her high profile fru fru friends? I am going to smear some vanilla yogurt, oatmeal and honey on my [...] [Read More]

Beautiful Black Blue Skin Woman

Her skin is very pretty n even tone. As a black woman….I’ve notice that black women are taught to hate themselves. Not I. NOPE. I love this lovely lady skin as much as I love white women skin tone women that take care of themselves. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. [...] [Read More]

Misty Copeland Is A Vogue Black Ballerina

Those legs, dat tight ass body, Copeland commitment to dance n giving back to her community, her gorgeous personality that lights up when I see her dance across my computer screen and her grace. Dat doll is one of a kind unique black ballerina. I love her story and her dance journey. Misty Copeland is [...] [Read More]

Our Eldest Son Teaches Me From da Gate

Our baby is fine as wine. YUP!!!!   Repost This Article [Read More]

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