Hair Scarf v. Jihad

I am serious cause I wrap my head in a head wrap that is called a Jihad in Muslim cultures. As a black woman we are known to wear hair scarf on our heads that mimic other cultures. No one wants to have that real conversation though.   Repost This Article [Read More]

Naomi Campbell Extend Invite to Swim With Sharks

According to Panache reports Naomi Campbell extended a invite to swim in a tank with sharks. Rich folks with major bank that have nothing better to do. If Campbell was smart, she would keep her ass out of the tank. Ain’t no telling who that doll pissed off over the years. I would hate to [...] [Read More]

Kanye West Bring Back Sexy on the Catwalk

I love leather and fur…what a fabulous combination. Kanye West debut his fierceness on the runway during Paris Fashion Week. Ole boy bought back the sexy on the catwalk. There has not been an African American notable man on the runway since Willi Smith. Here comes Kanye West giving the naysayers and fashion industry critics [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | Jasmine Gets VOGUE

  I love this funky VOGUE cover spotted on my son’s fiancee Facebook page. DOPE! Repost This Article [Read More]

Bloggers Blogging for Bucks vs. Blogging for Products

I came across this very interesting discussion about fashion bloggers. Fashion Week is filled with bloggers sitting in the front seats tweeting and posting Facebook stats. One must wonder do the fashion blogger really love the brands they blog about? Are bloggers actually paid to blog in cash or products? So who isn’t bought nowadays [...] [Read More]

Young Women Embrace Grey Head of Hair

Yeah, yeah…young woman are embracing a head of grey hair? Something about it makes the youngsters look fashionable because of their young dewey makeup skin? What? Hmmm….who the hell know but one thing is for certain. Women do grey and get grey strands after the age of 30 years old. Perhaps this so call new [...] [Read More]

Versace Futuristic Fall 2012

Supermodel Jasmine Took walking the runway at Versace Fall 2012 at Milan Fashion Week. Her fringed bangs are dope. I love the black boots. The fall look is clean, lots of black Gothic, leather, and healthy looking hair with fringed bangs. Repost This Article [Read More]

Joan Smalls Wearing Dolce & Gabbana Fashion 2012

Summer has not arrived yet but that has not stop the runways from presenting their fall collections. I am totally digging this Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 outfit. This outfit is flimsy, sheer and very thin lacey material. A wool coat will be required to wear this d elicate lace dress during the fall months…otherwise you’ll freeze [...] [Read More]

Octavia Spencer Wins a Gold Man

I happened to turn on the 84th Academy Awards just in time to witness Octavia Spencer winning the gold man for the best supporting role in “The Help.” After that defining well deserved and proverbial black history moment. Spencer won for her memorable performance in The Help. I will never forget the shit in the pie [...] [Read More]

Viola Davis is a Natural Beauty at the Academy Awards

  Viola Davis arriving at the 84th Academy Awards. Davis wore an emerald green gown by Vera Wang and emerald jewels. Listening to the encouragement from hubby Julius Tennon, she embrace her natural locks. Why is the mainstream media and blogs talking about Davis natural hair? It is not common for African American women to wear their own natural [...] [Read More]

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