Hair Scarf v. Jihad

I am serious cause I wrap my head in a head wrap that is called a Jihad in Muslim cultures. As a black woman we are known to wear hair scarf on our heads that mimic other cultures. No one wants to have that real conversation though.   Repost This Article [Read More]

Fierce n Fab | Vote Titi Aynaw (for Miss Universe)!

This young lady is absolutely beautiful to me. That is it! Repost This Article [Read More]

Beautiful Black Blue Skin Woman

Her skin is very pretty n even tone. As a black woman….I’ve notice that black women are taught to hate themselves. Not I. NOPE. I love this lovely lady skin as much as I love white women skin tone women that take care of themselves. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. [...] [Read More]

@sherylunderwood NOPE > I Am Not My Nappy Hair

Since everybody n their momma want to talk big shit bout mi sister. I am going to swing n spew mi two cents. I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show this morning. I listen to mi boos every day n have the nerve to get a attitude if I oversleep. Sheryl Underwood was apologizing [...] [Read More]

Cut My Finger Slicing Garlic n Tomato

YUP I was crying n snoot face n acting da certified fool! My finger my goddamn finger is bleeding……talk about being a certified “asswipe”” mess. Yeah I was…that n more. Asswipe was my middle name n was spewing all kind of names and praying to GOD. YOU HEARD….recognize. My finger was spouting spurts of blood [...] [Read More]

O Let’s Talk About Hair

I must admit my cocoa butter brown skin behind has been fascinated with mi hair over the years. My hair, everyone’s n everybody hair and allowing my own hair to morph into a mane of grey hair. Oprah talks about hair. As I approach the 50 year old mark. I have come to the conclusion. [...] [Read More]

Afro American Hair Moment in Social Media

I received my Shimmering Lights Shampoo product that I ordered on Amazon. I use Shimmering Lights to keep my salt and pepper hair free of yellowing and brashness on chemical free hair. What is it? Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Formula Shampoo – A protein-enriched color enhancing shampoo. Brightens white and gray hair. Shampoos away yellow. Refreshes faded highlighted hair. [...] [Read More]

DMV Faces of Design Makeup Artist Kim Reyes

I had the pleasure of meeting makeup artist Kim Reyes when visiting my sister crib a couple of weeks ago. My niece consulted with Reyes for her upcoming nuptials. We had an delightful time learning about various brands of makeup products, watching and listening to Reyes about makeup tips and tricks. I absolutely love her [...] [Read More]

The Detangler Has Arrived on My Doorstep

I ordered the Original Paul Mitchell Detangler 33 oz a week ago. It showed up on my doorstep in tact in a cardboard box. My hair is in love with Paul Mitchell. It leaves it feeling fresh, smelling delightful and tangled free in its natural curly state after shampooing with Shimmering Lights. As I get [...] [Read More]

Young Women Embrace Grey Head of Hair

Yeah, yeah…young woman are embracing a head of grey hair? Something about it makes the youngsters look fashionable because of their young dewey makeup skin? What? Hmmm….who the hell know but one thing is for certain. Women do grey and get grey strands after the age of 30 years old. Perhaps this so call new [...] [Read More]

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