Don’t Waste Your Time on Bullshit

I had a stint. A moment in the Apple University. Damn…Steve Jobs is gone gone too soon. I got fire from the contractor team > contractor team. I love representing Apple products. Cried like a baby. Discrimination on full blast. Left promoting HP products thinking I had a opportunity. I want to curse now that [...] [Read More]

Mercury Browser is the Best iPhone and iPad App

  About an week ago I updated all my devices with the IOS6 release. I begin noticed my Safari browser on my iPad and iPhone devices started hanging and was unable to connect to the Internet and mobile email. I contacted Xfinity Comcast to complain about not being able to connect to the Internet. After troubleshooting [...] [Read More]

iHome Keyboard and iHome Speaker for the iPad

The day after Christmas I went to Walmart to purchase a couple of iPad accessories. I must admit I am a bit salty about the iHome Keyboard purchase……. This is my finding based on my Review: I was excited to be able to use the iHome keyboard but after a couple of hours I begin to realize [...] [Read More]

What iPhone Apps Do You Use on Your iPhone?

YO Dee, whaddup chocolate girl, hey sista girl…etc! I have been getting your emails in my inbox for quite some time about what iPhone application do I use on my iPhone? Procrastination is a mother…#justsaying thank you for patiently awaiting a response. What apps do you use on your iPhone? I hope this response answer your [...] [Read More]

ALERT | Beware of iPhone Vulnerability

This tidbit of information was sent to me in an email from a trusted source on Thursday, November 10, 2011 10:59 AM. For those of you that could be downloading apps from Apple Store, the following story may be of interest: Repost This Article [Read More]

R.I.P. Legendary Apple’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs 1955-2011

  Rest in peace Mr. Steve Jobs. I am stunned right now. I had the pleasure of being an Apple Representative for a short period of time back in the day. I have to admit anyone that visits the Apple campus would be mesmerized from the experience. Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and chief executive officer, the man [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | “There Is No Reason To Not Follow Your Heart”

Steve Jobs is an inspiring genuis that changed the way we look at technology and has always told us all “there is no reason to not follow your heart!” In the latest issue of Mac User it’s all about Steve Jobs and how he redesigned the technology business in his own image. “Remembering you are going [...] [Read More]

You Are Not a Gadget and Your Rights of Authorship

  Words to think about and consider when posting your images on the Internet. Lanier talked about Apple and Google, and the future of media content generation on The Edge .   You Are Not a Gadget: Written by Jaron Lanier ”Your Are Not a Gadget excerpt.” The Apple idea is that instead of the personal computer model where people own their own [...] [Read More]

Thank You “Steve Jobs” For Your Contributions to the World

Steve Jobs will be replaced by Tim Cook, the company’s current COO. Jobs will become Apple’s chairman of the board of the directors. Steve’s health has often been in question after he received a liver transplant for pancreatic cancer in 2009. We all should send out letters of thanks to Mr. Jobs for a job well done and all of [...] [Read More]

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