Using Klout to Claim Klout Perks Swag in My Box

Klout perks 706x530 Using Klout to Claim Klout Perks Swag in My Box

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Recently Klout changed it algorithmic model. The San Francisco-based firm produces a Klout score, from 1 to 100 to measure. The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action,” says  the folks at Klout headquarters. Many Klout users saw their score drop, remain steady or increased.

Why do people care if their Klout score changes? Word from the experts on the Internet, the scores may affect decisions by employers on whether to hire someone, SAT scores, admissions to colleges, or party like a rock star treatment that they no longer will be privy to receive simply based on their good looks.

Klout perks2 706x530 Using Klout to Claim Klout Perks Swag in My Box

© 2011 Delores Randall

My Klout score has remain steady and has decreased since the change. I am not sure why and quite frankly don’t spend much time attempting to figure it out. I do know that it is unrealistic to measure myself against a Klout celebrity user like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga who has millions of followers compared to my short list of folks on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Google+.

2 530x530 Using Klout to Claim Klout Perks Swag in My Box

The Klout Perks are the best thing that ever could happen to a brand. With Klout Perks, you’re eligible for certain perks based on your score, location or influential topics. A perk could be a gift card, discount offer, early access to technology or an experience. When I started paying attention to my own Klout account about 3 months ago. I can’t remember the date but I did not put an lot effort into claiming the Klout Perks. That has all changed. I am enjoying the Klout perks now and discovering new brands to use. Below are a list of Klout perks I have had the pleasure of receiving from Klout!

corel Using Klout to Claim Klout Perks Swag in My Box

  • Spotify offered early access to use the service.
  • One Hope Wine $25 offer a chance to give back. ONEHOPE and Klout have teamed up to give wine and charity influencers $25 to spend on wine & gifts that give back, at ONEHOPEWineONEHOPE Wine donates HALF of profits from its California wines – co-created with winemaker Rob Mondavi, Jr. — to partner charities that are helping people right now.
  • The Daily Dot reminds me of the daily paper that you currently see on the left of this blog compiled blogs from online communities like Twitter. If you have a blog and you’re on Twitter, please twiend me to be included in my thephotographer4you daily.
  • Grasshopper virtual phone system did not grab my attention because I am currently an iPhone addict and nothing is pulling me away from AT&T at the moment. I was turned off with 60-day free trial of your #GrasshopperPerk! You know how that can go if you forget to cancel…your credit card will be charged until you called to beg them to stop charging your card. *Please note; Grasshopper will ask for a credit card number at the sign up stage but you will not be charged until after your 60 trial is over and to which then you can cancel if you wish to do so.
  • Spreecast I did not use because Skype did not grab my fancy and neither can they….if they monetize, perhaps that would change my mind.
  • A tiny tube of AXE Hold + Touch was very small tube that would not wet a black girls hair much less a white girl long locks. It sits in my bathroom. Not sure what I will do with it? I ordered it because my youngest son use to wear AXE and he always smell wonderful! It is a brand thing for sure…
  • Three Degrees Sample full size bars I received today and they look scrumptious. Plus the description made me have a feel good feeling about the brand. Two Degrees is as passionate about good food as it is about doing good. The sampler pack of all natural, gluten free, vegan Two Degrees bars features three flavors: Chocolate Peanut, Cherry Almond, and Apple Pecan. Two Degrees is a one-for-one food company dedicated to fighting childhood malnutrition. For every bar sold, it gives a nutrition pack to a malnourished child in a developing country. Make sure to Follow them on Twitter and check them out on Facebook too!
  • Uncharted by Subway is a game. I thought I was getting a sub.
  • Leftlane $10 credit and the offer to 10 of my friends to use too! How cool is that! LeftLane Sports offers daily “flash sales” on top Outdoor, Fitness, and Action Sports products. You’re guaranteed to save up to 70% OFF retail every time you shop! Shop top brands like Columbia, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Salomon, Puma, Adidas, Kelty, Merrell, and more. Grab your instant $10 now!
  • Moo Minicards was my first Klout perk that really made me excited.
  • I received this Klout Perk a couple of days ago.: Help us find the perfect holiday dish by sharing your most beloved recipes and voting for your favorite! Two participants with the most votes will win “The Macy’s Culinary Council Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookbook” and have their recipes featured on the Macy’s blog. The two participants whose recipes are chosen by the Macy’s Culinary Council will win “The Macy’s Culinary Council Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookbook,” a $1,000 Macy’s gift card, and will have their very own recipe featured on the famous Food Republic blog! Plus, all Klout influencers will be rewarded with a $25 Macy’s gift card to get ready for the holiday season!
  • I did the happy dance and realize Klout perks can be awesome for photography lovers. Corel® PaintShop™ Pro X4 Ultimate is the Ultimate Klout Perk. Tweet or Facebook share your unique link below and get your friends and followers download the PaintShop™ Pro. Enjoy your @Corelsoftware #PaintShop Perk! Feel free to use my code: Check to see if your eligible to get a copy too!
claim 799x324 Using Klout to Claim Klout Perks Swag in My Box
The only issue I have with Klout Perks is that the really larger ticket perks seem to be for celebrities with higher Klout scores, perks strictly based on locations, and technology Klout perks that are for the big boys on the Internet. We all know who they are, the techie and photography folks that will receive the free Windows Phone  in Chicago. Oh well, I can’t really complain about my Klout Perks swag. I have had some cool Klout perk offers in my box.
me Using Klout to Claim Klout Perks Swag in My Box
I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.





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