Negative Japan Earthquake Twitter Tweets

bing Negative Japan Earthquake Twitter Tweets

On 12 March, Microsoft’s Bing team sparked an online outrage when its Twitter donation drive for Japan’s disaster relief fund was conceived as a tasteless move to scrape publicity from a tragedy.

Bing originally tweeted that for every re-tweet it received, Microsoft will donate US$1 up to US$100,000 to aid the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Twitter users didn’t take too kindly the effort, with some throwing expletives Bing’s way, reports Gawker.

A day after, on 13 March, Bing rescinded its Twitter campaign. It said in a Twitter post it will be donating the full US$100,000 after all, and apologized for the tweet’s negative reception.

“Intent was to provide an easy way for people to help Japan,” Bing tweeted.  Bing Apologizes For Japan Quake Tweet


50 cent picture 5 Negative Japan Earthquake Twitter Tweets

50 Cents pissed off his fans and critics around the globe when he tweeted negative tweets about Japan.

Its all good Till b*tches see there christian louboutins floating down da street s**t gone get crazy.”

“Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”

Fans didn’t take nicely to the tweets forcing him to respond:

“Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. Im cool either way”


0000012eba6ba309ed2b92b3007f000000000001.Gilbert Gottfried Negative Japan Earthquake Twitter Tweets

Statement from Aflac.:

“Gilbert’s recent comments about the crisis in Japan were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of anyone at Aflac. Aflac Japan – and by extension, Japan itself – is part of the Aflac family, and there is no place for anything but compassion and concern during these difficult times.”

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