MOO v. Vista Print for Business Cards, etc.

moo 799x476 MOO v. Vista Print for Business Cards, etc.

thephotographer4you® received a Klout perk for Moo minicards a couple of weeks ago. thephotographer4you® was excited because thephotographer4you® is a sucka for a deal, in this case all thephotographer4you® had to pay was $5 for shipping. YAY! thephotographer4you® have never heard of Moo before Klout offered the minicards as a perk. The perk for Moo Minicards that thephotographer4you® learned was the ability to put photographs on each mini-card…of course thephotographer4you® think that is AWESOME!

flyer 410x530 MOO v. Vista Print for Business Cards, etc.

In the past thephotographer4you® have used various office suppliers for business cards to promote photography services. thephotographer4you® settled on Vista cards because thephotographer4you® received a lot of items for free and all thephotographer4you® had to pay for was shipping. thephotographer4you® has ordered free business cards, magnets, stickers, postcards, flyers, brochures and tee-shirts in quantities of 500 for a nominal shipping fee that any start-up would jump for joy over the shipping price.

tfcd1 MOO v. Vista Print for Business Cards, etc.

FYI: thephotographer4you® crossed out the phone number in the example above. Please note thephotographer4you® patience for bullshit inquiries is short tempered….if anyone call thephotographer4you® with any nonsense; thephotographer4you® may not be able to contain themselves. #justsaying thephotographer4you® are not the one to call for anything above a serious request for thephotographer4you® photography services, otherwise thephotographer4you® will go on a tirade that may absolutely surprise you. To preserve your sanity, thephotographer4you®, and to keep the folks satisfied and thephotographer4you® blood pressure in check. thephotographer4you® will gladly answer all inquiries via email }

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