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I agree with Jay Z…since when did dude become the savior of black folks? Matter of fact who is the savior of black folks besides the black folks themselves. Black folks still waiting for civil right leaders n church folks to save them? Wait on my brothers and sisters. Dat day is surely coming….march on.

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Who lied to black folks? This conversation is like since we have a black president, dude suppose to save all the black people…since when was that written in the script? Matter of fact since when anyone was suppose to save all the poor minority people?

Save yourself! Why you waiting for someone to save you? That is the million dollar question?

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Like really…seem every time there is a black person in a position of power and on the upper echelon someone n somebody want to hold that black person accountable for the plight of black folks. Here come folks spewing bout this n that n whatnot.

Most businesses are bout that bottom line n meeting their revenue. I don’t know a business that is not about the bottom line….YOU?

Matter of fact any business about their business should be about busine$$ lest they’re working for free.

Jay Z onto the next one. NEXT! Now which of dem black folks gonna hold the white business accountable for the shit they pulled before this all went down at Barney’s. If your asses filling some kind of way don’t shop were they don’t want to see your black ass at the register. How about that at the end of the day. Other wise…smoke n mirrors. Where the hell is my windex? UMPH! SHUT UP n SIT DOWN!

Oh yeah if anyone gives a shit. I don’t shop at Barney’s. Never will shop at a store where they do not give a damn bout my black ass. K…..

Thanks Barney for letting you us black folks know how you really fucking feel bout us black people. TRUST N BELIEVE!

Even if the over priced goods is on discount…..fuck em boo. How bout that instead of ranting off. Stop shopping at merchants that do not give a fuck about you boobies.

I do not care what color your skin is, age and whatnot….only a dumb ass would go back to a merchant to be mistreated. WTF is that about boo?

If this was another ethnic group or gay people….shit would be on n popping in the street. Why black people spewing n wining in the streets? HUH?

If I was Barneys New York I would nip this shit in the bud ASAP before it get out out fhand. Justsaying…..stanky shit! K…..Just from reading this shit…it smell fuck up n shitty. How is that for real talk? Hate to see this store go down like a sinking ship like the Titanic. Shit is dat real! Dis coming from a doll that saw #Strawberries” fall in Philadelphia — visitphilly.com n Woodies n a whole lot of stores that thought they were the lions lair. Reel dat shit in ASAP! Quiet dat temper. I don’t shop at Barney’s but you can bet your bottom ass…sound da goddamn alarm. UMPH! They say #gays rules shit….betta recognize this message then. Straights, gays n everybody in between is giving your asses a side eye. How bout that for real talk? Fuck Jay Z….dude ain’t got nothing to do with this son n biddy boo in the office. How bout that corporate?

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