Yes We Can! Yes We Should!

Vote for Obama! That will allow you to go back to living your life fruitfully and fully. Election Day, November 4 is around the corner. Follow Obama! Don’t buy that rhetoric that McCalin and Palin are trying to tell you about Obama. Their primary focus during their speeches over the last week is bashing Obama instead of talking about their plan to fix this economy. That should be their primary focus right now. What is McCain and Palin’s message exactly, bashing Obama’s plan instead of letting the people know their plan for the people. They make spreading the wealth sound like a bad thing for the American people. Why is that a bad thing for middle and lower class people? We need more money to support our families and handle our business. Let’s not talk about “Joe” the plumber who is as fake as the women’s acrylic fingernails in McCalin and Palin’s circle of Republican followers and friends.  We don’t want our young men and women to go fight in a Iraq war that would kill them within 2-3 months if not sooner on unfamiliar territory. Oh yeah; you want to lose a house you work so hard to buy. That 401K and stock plan is dwindling fast down to zero to help with that billion dollar bailout which will by the way line the pockets of the Republicans after this election is over. Let’s all not forget that McCalin is the one who did not know how many houses he own in comparison to Obama one home with his wife of 20 years. Let’s not forget that Palin went shopping and spent at least $150K of campaign funds that the media leaked, she forgot to mention that in her speech. Oh yeah; good ole’ morality for your ass; McCalin left his disabled wife for Cindy’s $$$, now why doesn’t he want to be in the middle class? They can talk all the nonsense they want about Obama but they have many skeleton’s in their closet that they don’t want the American people to see the light of day. I don’t care who Obama associated with during his college years, at church or anywhere else because baby we all have some shit we don’t want to face up to. You live long enough you’re bound to have known some people with questionable behaviour. No one is perfect or without sin! Period![singlepic=44,320,240,,] Courtesy of stjohnsdemocrats [singlepic=46,320,240,,] Coutesy of culturedecoded

Now let’s compare education to McCain and Palin to Obama’s Harvard University education. There is no comparison for that type of education, the man better know how to raise money. If Obama don’t know how to run a country he will learn fast with his Democratic dream team, he has Biden and a slew of educated people in his camp. Harvard University must be very proud that they can produce potential presidents of the United States. Hell I am getting up there in age and it makes me want to submit an application to Harvard University. I don’t have to tell you that Obama raised $150 million dollars in the month of September to McCains money. $150K of McCains campaign money went clothing a women to look like a candidate instead of being the candidate without the clothing and makeup. Do I smell jealousy? For the first time a political candidate can match the Republican dollars to run and a black man at that, it has always been said when I was child that black people had to work twice as hard to do anything in this country. Now that may come as a cultural shock to non-black folks. Get over it! He just has more melanin in his skin than you do and in the summer you can just go tan for that effect. You would think that a man who goes out; get educated; work his ass off to get that education, than wake up one day still believing in the American dream would have a chance to become the next United States of America. This should be possible for him and our children in hoping one day that this dream could be accomplished. Now that is dreaming if I ever saw it. He meets all of the qualifications, he is over 35 years old and a citizen of the United States. I believe that would make him qualified to run to become the President of the United States. I don’t think any man who have served as President of the United States have the balls to say that they were qualified or prepared for a WAR in this country. Who is ever ready for a War. I am sure McCain was NOT ready to be a POW either, you learned to accept the shit while your in it and you PRAY baby for a rescue. Good for him that he wanted to serve our good country. I ain’t knocking his accomplishments either. He didn’t have a choice in the matter when he became a POW. He was in a War. Not every young man or women want to fight in a War if they knew the real deal that their country may not help them once they use them up and spit them out to suffer alone with their broken or loss limbs. Let’s not mention the loss the families suffer when their daughter or son has died in a War that can’t be explained to the American people by our current president. The War our young women and men are fighting right now, do they have experience? Hell no! They are out their fighting for their lives and probably hope the war ends soon. In some cases they don’t even know what they are fighting for, do you need experience to survive a War? McCain want to throw more of our young men and women to the wolves. Will he send his daughters, sons, nephews or nieces to war? Probably not and would change his conversation if that was a prerequisite to becoming a president. He keeps attacking Obama experience but guess what; none of them have any real experience fighting a war. That has got to be the hardest battle that any man or women would face. You pray that you don’t get shot and that the war would end soon! Obama is going to have a tough job when he steps his first foot onto the White House steps and into the shit that is sitting in the White house chambers. After that first day on the job he will really get to see what a tough job it is going to be to bring his plan to fruition. Obama and not even McCain can change the shit that has pile up in the White house overnight. Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you. That is a hard job and I am glad he has the guts to run for it. Right now Obama is not privy to the information for the President’s job in the White House that Bush and any other President has f$%k up before he gets into the White House. I am sure McCain got the 411 on whats really up with the presidentual job in the White house because him and Bush are friends. Need I say another word about what that means. No black man or any other ethnicity has ever been privy to the information that a president has to carry out from day to day behind the close doors of the White house. It is time for a changing of the guard, it is time for change in this country to reflect the diverse society that we all live in. That would includes changing the face of the White House of the United States. This will give all ethnicities in this county a moment to dream for their future. There is hope for a better tomorrow. Yes We Can! Yes We Should change the face of the White House of the United States.

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