Military Dude Get Gully and No One Knows Why?

army 2 791x530 Military Dude Get Gully and No One Knows Why?

military guy killed 16 people

It could not have at a worst time for the United States. An U.S. Army sergeant opened fire Sunday on Afghan villagers as they slept, killing 16 people — mostly women and children. Not sure what to think of this incident except there was something clearly going on in that soldiers head?

All of sudden it is President Obama’s fault? No one wants to say that out loud. Blame it on President Obama head of that state. Oh no….it is that black dudes fault why this young soldier decided to shoot the 16 folks while they where sleeping. GTFOH…..NOT! Nah mane…dude had a different agenda and it had nothing to with the United States of America.

None of us will know why this young man made his decision to shoot 16 people. Despite what mainstream media reports. NOPE….why am I thirsty when I drink alcohol? Can you tell me that? Why do I have horrific cramps during my period? Why do women get fibroids? Why are men and women gay? Why is there poverty in this country despite the fact we have non profits organizations proclaiming to feed countries? Why is there discrimination in our country? Why did Wall Street steal from the American people? Why are there no jobs? Why is the potential presidential folks not speaking about creating jobs? What about answering that question? Why is there no cure for Cancer and Aids despite the fact folks have been donating money for eons? Huh? Why do women wear fake hair? Why is there black and white crime? Huh? Get what I am putting down here? HA!

Most of us do shit that can not be explain…know that! This can’t be any different than that dude that shot of all of those folks at Virginia Tech and 9/11.

My condolences to the families that lost their love one during this confusing time. What do you say to something like this…there are no words!

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