If President Obama Was My Father…..

pres If President Obama Was My Father.....

President Obama speaks during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on Tuesday. (Saul Loeb / AFP/Getty Images)

Mr. President Obama responded to the Rush Limnbaugh debacle. Mr. President is rightfully thinking of his daughters. Any man with daughters should be thinking the same thing about their precious daughters. If President Obama was my father I would be delighted as a child that he spoke up as a father. Any asisine man in America and around the globe must take a good look inside of themselves if they have daughters, a mother, a sister, an aunt and a sister friend. What if this was an woman speaking up for themselves that you knew? How would you feel if they were called a slut? Much less show me your sex tape if you want healthcare?

Thank you Mr. President for speaking up in defense for your girls, which by the way subliminally sent a message that you care about women and you’re keeping it 100% about the plight of your daughters. HA!

rush If President Obama Was My Father.....

20 Years of Ranting Bullshit. Be gone and "F" You on the way out the door.

One of the things I want them to do as they get older is engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on. I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way. And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens,” he said at a White House news conference Tuesday.

Just so you know this is my two cents,:


fluke If President Obama Was My Father.....

WOMAN of COURAGE "Sarah Fluke" spoke up

“I wanted Sandra to know that I thought her parents should be proud of her, and that we want to send a message to all our young people that being part of a democracy involves argument and disagreements and debate. And we want you to be engaged, and there’s a way to do it in a way that doesn’t involve you being demeaned and insulted.”

pill If President Obama Was My Father.....

A Baby for 25 Years or the Pill?

“It’s not going to be narrowly focused just on contraception. It’s not going to be driven by one statement by one radio announcer. It is going to be driven by their view of what’s most likely to make sure they can help support their families, make their mortgage payments, who’s got a plan to ensure that middle-class families are secure over the long term, what’s most likely to result in their kids being able to get the education they need to compete,” he said.

water If President Obama Was My Father.....

Water Cooler Chatter and Bantering Noise

DUH! Screw them water cooler naysayers and wayward folks. Any man and women with an daughter around the globe would speak out. I commend Mr. President for being an man first and the president last. HA!

cat If President Obama Was My Father.....


I am going to say what the president can not say because I do not hold public office. “Thank you Mr. Rush Limbaugh for that comment asswipe and thank you for letting us know how your advertisers and the 20 million followers feel about women.” Anytime I hear someone proclaim being your fan. I will think of your simple minded comments towards women.

apology If President Obama Was My Father.....


I agree with Sarah Fluke. Your apology mean diggly squat and screw you asswipe. YUP! Anyone else notice the trend? Folks spew nonsense others in cybersphere. Tweet an apology and it is suppose to be all good. Screw them folks. Enough already. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Otherwise do not say it. I was taught once you say it. That is it! You must have meant what you said even if you’re drunk or high…HA!

a1 If President Obama Was My Father.....

TRUTHFULLY. Nobody Cares about Your Apology

Questions. The million dollar questions and playing a devil advocate?

  • Had this been an broadcaster of color on the airwaves spewing the same rant would that person be treated the same?
  • Why has Rush Limbaugh been given multiple chances and not fired from his job?
  • Had this been a working class African American woman at a non prestigious college would we be in an uproar?
  • Would the media and blogs react the same way if this was a non white of any ethnicity?
  • Is money a major factor?
  • Why has advertisers and his fans put up with Limbaugh nonsense for the last 20 years?
  • Just how powerful is Limbaugh? Who is he controlling?
  • Is it acceptable to call a woman a “SLUT” when she speaks up for her rights?

I am just curious why the treatment of certain folks in this country is not treated as the same as your average individual? Justsaying…..

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