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Life of the Party Lisa Baron

New York Democrat Anthony Weiner has nothing on the Republicans that are the “Life of the Party” according to Lisa Baron. Showing your weiner in social media is no longer taboo….simply surf “Google” and your eyes will pop out your head. On a scale of 1-10… “Weiner” scandal is a whole lot of nothing….#justsaying dude has nothing on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bishop Eddie Long, Eliot Spitzer and a slew of other politicians that was public-ally caught dipping their peens in others besides their spouses. You have to wonder if there is more to this story considering the length of time dude has been sexting in cyberspace….hmmmmm! This story bores me to tears simply the juicy ish is about to hit the fan with the release of “Life of the Party” by Lisa Baron. Check out the video below where folks analyze Anthony Weiner under a microscope. Let this be an lesson to “any” one in higher echelon positions.



Republicans were left reeling by the publication of a new book written by a former political press officer who has lifted the lid on the hedonistic conservative circles at the end of the Bush era.

In the book “The Life of the Party,” Lisa Baron, who calls herself a political press tart, recounts a lifestyle of casual sex and ‘a seemingly endless supply of narcotics.’

She boasts of her sexual exploits with the Republican hierarchy including George W Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer and Republican National Committee political director David Israelite.

The release of the book, less than 18 months before the November 2012 presidential elections, comes as Republican contenders are desperately trying to win over Christian conservatives as the movement seeks to recover from a series of scandals.

The book opens with an intimate encounter between Baron and George W Bush’s White House press secretary Ari Fleischer.

According to Baron the two shared a sexual experience in a hotel room during the 2000 South Carolina presidential primary.

Fleischer didn’t return Miss Baron’s phone calls after the alleged incident, but the pair eventually bumped into each other further down the campaign trail and allegedly had a series of sexual encounters.

Baron writes: ‘Note to self: If you’re going to sleep around, sleep around with Democrats.’

Writing about what motivated her to go to Fleischer’s hotel room, she said: ‘To be able to say, ‘I’m with the such-and-such campaign,’ or ‘I work for Senator So-and-So’ is to us political junkies what “I’m with the band” is to Pamela Des Barres.

‘My remarkable encounter with Ari in that unremarkable hotel room perfectly summed up my groupie-like relationship to politics at that time – I wanted it, I worshipped it, and I went for it.’

Of a further encounter she writes: ‘We went back to his town house apartment and got down and dirty like my martini. I think there might have been a porno involved, but I can’t be sure.’

She boasted that they started an affair while she ‘was screwing around with the very dapper David Israelite, political director for the Republican National Committee’.

Baron’s former boss Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, is leading the push to keep the religious Right engaged in Republican politics.

Reed, however, is accused in the book of having ‘a hard-drinking past, a taste for the good life and a hunger for power.’

The book also claims that Reed was suspected as the source of a rumor about John McCain during the 2000 Republican primary in South Carolina.

Word spread that the senator’s adopted Bangladeshi child was in fact the result of an affair with a black woman.

The rumor was considered helpful to George W Bush, Senator McCain’s chief rival for the nomination.

Asked about Baron, Mr Reed said: ‘I have not read the book but I hope Lisa enjoys great success. She did a great job for me.’

In the book, Baron writes about losing her virginity while still at high school.

She writes: ‘We “made love” in a van. I lost my virginity, gained a urinary tract infection, and he broke up with me anyway.’

Once a star of the conservative movement, Reed fell from grace spectacularly in 2006, when it was revealed that he had received millions of dollars from the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The money came originally from native American tribes who were clients of Mr Abramoff and had profited from gambling.



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Before you judge Mr.. Weiner take a look at his rant on healthcare reform.

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