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If your the type of person who likes to embed spreadsheets and embedding interactive charts into your blog than Zoho DB & Reports is for you. It is an online tool for making presentations and shows. Zoho offers a lot of productivity and collaboration business online applications. Zoho offers plugins for Microsoft Office 2007. You can create powerful business and personal reporting database online file formats including Excel, CSV, TSV and HTML.  Periodic scheduling of import Spreadsheet like interface for easy manual data entry and navigation. Easy Drag & Drop based reporting & visual analysis of data. Charts, Pivot Tables, Summary and simple Tabular reports.  Export and Print Reports in variety of formats Supports relating data with each other through look-up. This is not all Zoho can do either, it has mail, writing, and the list goes on. For the entrepreneur just getting started in business who don’t have the resources for start up cost for business application for items such as Microsoft Office 2007; Zoho would fulfil their need for business applications. This great for college students too. Zoho is worth bookmarking. For addition FAQ


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