VOTE FOR ME | Ultimate Vibe Vixen Blogger Search

 VOTE FOR ME | Ultimate Vibe Vixen Blogger Search

I have never been a contestant in many contest during my lifetime. I once song in a Karaoke contest when I was a sale representative….sure was. Song a song by Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”, got a standing ovation and a certificate to prove it. Uh huh!

I have already reached an conclusion about this contest in my cynical and twisted world view. I would get a few likes, this contest is rigged, folks really don’t like my commentary, I need new friends or subject matter…..and I continue on my grind. Uh huh!

The Ultimate Blog search is interesting because it allows me to get my feet wet and I suppose exposes thephotographer4you® which is a registered trademark – All Rights Reserved. Sort of get myself out of my comfort zone.Vote for me. If I don’t win….I don’t really care, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®.

The million dollar questioned asked by Vibe Vixen is “WHY SHOULD I WIN?”

First and foremost “I LOVE BLOGGING and I LOVE sharing information with anyone”. I have a voice worth listening to and I represent for women over the age of 46 years old.


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About thephotographer4you ( An diverse online gossip, photography, technology, news, politics and entertainment magazine with a fresh and irreverent tone. Our readership is increasing daily and is comprised of media-savvy professionals and opinion makers.’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 200,454. This site is relatively popular among users in the cities of Baltimore (where it is ranked #486) and Philadelphia (#8,471). The site’s visitors view 8.9 unique pages each day on average. The fraction of visits to referred by search engines is about 4%. The site is based in the US.

The website has been in existence since 2008. I share my twisted and opinated view on cooking, technology, photography, fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip, news, politics and happening around town. Winning an iPad would allow me to blog on the go no where I am in the world.




Another contest worth looking at and perhaps submitting an video entry form.:

5.000.000 in Facebook: prayer + contest

1] I will select, with my team, six videos
The video selected as # 1 will receive USD 4.000 + one 1 HP Pavilion computer p6780t series
# 2 will receive USD 3.000 + one 1 HP Pavilion computer p6780t series
# 3, #4, # 5 and # 6 will receive USD 1.000 + one 1 HP Pavilion computer p6780t series
2] I wil post them on all my social communities. Besides the 5.000.000 friends in Facebook, at the time of writing this I have 1,4 million in Twitter and over 2 million monthly visitors in my blog - which means over 8.300.000 friends online.
This will give to the winner, besides the prize, also a lot of visibility for his/her work
Any friend from any of the three communities mentioned above can participate.
4] The deadline for presenting the video is July 1, 2011. The winners will be announced on July 25, 2011.

Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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