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For the last couple of months I decided to take an break from blogging to collect my thoughts. An blogging sabbatical. It was the best thing I could have taken for several reasons.

  • Take care of my health needs and much need physical examinations.
  • Spring Cleaning.
  • Get organize.
  • Catch up on watching television and reading books.
  • Connect with folks in my various social media platforms.
  • Decide what I really wanted to blog about on thephotographer4you an daily basis.
  • Sista girl need an much needed break from coming up with what to blog about.
  • Tune out the cyber noise and connect to reality.
  • Read bloggers commentary via cyber chatter.
  • Dance like no one is watching.
  • Garden and plant an kitchen garden.
  • Shoot paid photography gigs.
  • To see if I would miss blogging everyday?
  • Stopped and smell the flowers. Flowers are beautiful around this time of year.

What I’ve discovered.:

  • Social media will be there no matter what and some folks will not notice that you’re even gone.
  • It is OK to time out from social media and simply just be.
  • Live your life, laugh out loud and love the life you’re living.
  • thephotographer4you is an collection of my rantings and ravings. Folks either will read and visit at their own leisure. Or they won’t…it is OK!

It is summertime. ENJOY the summertime.

Thanks for visiting thephotographer4you®
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