Talk Of The Town: Wanda Sykes

According to the video in this post, Bill O’ Riley and Dennis Miller as I watch them cackle like hens: Wanda Sykes can’t stop apologizing for the fodder during the correspondent dinner because she was trying to impress President Obama because he was black and she was black. Huh….what does that mean? Why the heck does she have to apologize, to who and for what?…WTF! Her jokes were real and it just seems like everyone wanted to laugh at the truth. That’s what happens after a few glasses of wine and a very entertaining environment. Bad or good publicity, it is still publicity. I don’t care what they say about Wanda Sykes being controversial; chick is funny, she is raw, real and a in your face comedian. The media is going to spin this any way they want to but I am going to go on the lamb and say if this was Tina Fey? Would the media still be talking shit about the correspondent dinner and her jokes? Enough with the apologies Wanda, its just jokes and at the end of the day you can’t please everyone. Listen to Bill O’ Riley attempting to talk Miller into how the president should have known better and about how this will hurt President Obama, right about now dude has bigger issues than a joke. Since when did Riley’s mouth become a prayer book and when did he wrote the rules on how white house folks are suppose to act during an obvious comedy and correspondent dinner?  Whatever happen to being human and when does the president get off from work to enjoy a show and dinner? Get over it, move on to the next joke. I can’t wait until she come to late night television. I will totally be watching and laughing.

Wanda just had two twins with her wife. Congratulations to the very private couple! Personally, if I was gay I would like to be like her or Ellen and in love with my wife having babies. Just keeping it real ya’ll.

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