Rihanna injuries Revealed by TMZ

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Rihanna picture has been finally revealed by TMZ. Is it real or is it photo-shopped? I am hopeful that she is OK! Rihanna will arise above this alleged incident of domestic abuse!  Truthfully it is not domestic abuse because she is not his spouse and they don’t live together. Husband and wives normally don’t testify against one another in a court of law. I am confused as to why it is label as such, unless they are married and the public does not know? This is bigger than what I thought because there was no evidence of an allege meltdown between Chris and Rihanna. They are not married and thank goodness for that because they are not ready to go down that road. I asked my teenager son tonight about this Chris Brown and Rihanna scenario. This is his generation…. He said if a female slaps you, you take it like a man but once they close that fist, all bets are off. This is coming from a 17 year old young man. His environment is an open forum and we wanted to hear what he thought about it. He said that he would continue to listen to Chris Brown because the music is tight. Rihanna and Chris are very young people whose personal life has been thrust-ed into the public eye. There has been a lot of public opinion and speculation about their personal situation. I have no more words. My 17 year old kid said that it is only but so much that a young man can take. She messed up the Lambo, possibly gave him herpes and there is probably some behind the scenes we know nothing about….there is only so much a man can tolerate. My husband looked at him in disbelief as if he wanted to snatch him by the collar. Are men allowed to defended themselves in dire situations? I have sons and tons of young men around me therefore my opinion counts for nothing in terms of the she was a girl and a guy should not put his hand on her deal. I beg to differ when it is a act of self defense. A picture of her injuries is worth a thousand words. This young lady injuries are really heartbreaking, we never think about abuse from the one we love. I am speechless….I really did not want to believe that Chris Brown abused Rihanna.


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