President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Arrive In London

Word on the Internet street is that President Barack Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II an IPOD and she gave him a outdated framed picture of herself. This is certainly a reflection that gift giving among the elite circle has taken a major nosedive in spending on extravagant items. An Apple classic IPOD cost $250.00, that still is a lot when your pockets are light.


President Barack Obama embarked on his Europe trip Tuesday, with a hefty economic and national security agenda for his first journey across the Atlantic since taking office two months ago. The president and first lady Michelle Obama arrived in London Tuesday night local time. First up for the presid… Read Full Article

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It being alleged on the Internet and bloggers worldwide from across the pond President Barack Obama has ordered GM and Chrysler to quit as NASCAR sponsors if they want the bailout package being offered by White House. He has argued that by doing so, the comapnies will be saving more than $250m in spending. NASCAR fans are certainly not happy with the move as the suto-makers are one of the biggest sponsors of the stock car sanctioning body. NASCAR is already seeing massive cut-downs by the teams on the spending. Exit of these high-flying sponsors will certainly make things worse for them.

“Inorder to receive this money, corporations must demonstrate they will spend it wisely. Racing has been said to improve on-road technology, but frankly, NASCAR almost flaunts its standing among the lowest-tech forms of motor sport. NASCAR is not proven to drive advancements that transfer from the racetrack to the road, and this nation’s way forward does not hinge on decades-old technology. We need new, and we need innovation.” April fools joke or Not?

Our President is not bullshitting with any of the huge corporations that asked for a handout while the working class people are still facing economic crisis and meltdowns while losing their jobs, homes, retirement funds and their sanity. It is about damn time! Why should these corporation get huge bailout than trick the government with their so called bailout plans for the money. Besides when was the last time you saw a diverse group of people at Nascar? Exactly! Now were the heck is the people’s bailout plan. Let those company drop like flies if they can’t abide by the requirements of receiving the bailout money. Its a new day people and its doggone about time.

In contrast to this opinion, I am watching a movie about “The Obama Deception”. It is a must watch but is it true? If the information in this movie is true; we are screwed and up the creek without a paddle for real!

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