The Best Things In Life Are Free: National Day of Prayer

The best things in life are free and “Prayer” that is one of those things that we all can do without paying any monetary provisions to anyone except for that 10% tithing your suppose to make per week based on the money you make to the church you attend based on the teachings in the bible. Half of us grew up in a church and have not been in a church since our momma took us, wedding and a funeral. I am the first one to tell you it is hard to walk a secular and spiritual walk at the same time. It is very difficult because of all the stigma attached to how to live holy. I have seen the cursing cousin, the alcoholic mother, aunt and uncle, fornication, homosexuality, lying, divorce, lesbian, and god only knows that list could take up this blog posting. Now I am not one to judge anyone and try to do my best to stay away from that one….judge not for thee be judge. I don’t need anyone trying to pick and ramble around in my closet. As T.D. Jakes would say ” half of us would walk out the church if our life was reveal on the big screen especially if we are walking around holier than than the next person. Those last word are my words but you have to admit it would be a very interesting moment if you were got off guard or caught by surprise if your past was flashed before your face. That is why I would tell anyone don’t point any fingers and don’t be ashamed of your own walk.  Life will throw you some ish that would embarrass a monk…I think they got some secrets too that they don’t want told too…any man without sin please cast the first stone. We all heard this one….people who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones. On occasion I have been guilty of that one with my husband especially when we are talking about who ate that last piece of dessert and he gain 2 pounds more than me. hahahaha…I know I am a trip. I am not perfect and lord knows I don’t want to be but what I do believe in is the power of prayer. Pray, pray and than pray some more because prayer changes things. Ask anyone who has been through some real life shit and down on your luck situation, they will tell you “God is Good”, “The Lord Is God and had it not been for the goodness of God,  I don’t know were I would be….I think those were all of my words….oops! You get the picture…everyone once in a while…you have to say had it not been for the grace of God. That type of moment will have you answering folks…..I am blessed, you better ask somebody! Now that is a person who been a witness of his grace and mercy. You better recognize….Nowadays based on the church and church folks I am wonder if I am walking the right walk base on the difference in the bible and what is actually reality. The church has been under attack for quite sometime, especially the ,Catholic church since all of that controversy in the news. None of the denominations are without controversy, especially the black church under attack for their lack of speaking on AIDS, homosexuality and mega churches using money for themselves instead of helping the communities that made the church wealthy. Today is “National Prayers Day” and that means we should all be praying for that something to come to pass in our lives. The National Day of Prayer is a day designated by the United States Congress as a day when people are asked to come together and pray, especially for their country. It was created as a floating holiday in 1952 and fixed on the first Thursday in May by Ronald Reagan.

If I had to keep it real with you all I would pray that my pockets become as deep as Oprah’s one day so that I can become a blessing to others and share my abundance like she does because Oprah could use a little help, world peace, that I can one day wake up singing like Mariah Carey, that the world realize that police officers do tell tall tales, that color is only skin deep, that my husband would lose his gut because it is not sexy, that my son get straight “A”s, my nephew and family friend return from Iraq, that he bless my family and friends with abundance, prosperity, good health, joy, that all cats and dogs go to heaven, that there will be a cure for swine flu, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, high chlorestrol and AIDS in the next two weeks or before; love your neighbor as you and I would want to be loved and treated, my student loans are paid off tomorrow, my legal and credit card woes go away, that credit card companies give all users a zero percent interest vacation for 6 months to catch up, the recession is over tomorrow, jobs and the world is functioning at optimal levels, War ends between all nations, that President Obama jobs become easier, that people stop knick picking the first family every move, that the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, sike but I thought I would throw that in there for kicks, that God does have a good sense of humor, that God will never stop forgiving us of our sins, that I never have to worry about my health and finances ever again, that I have compassion and apathy for others folks situation, to lean not on my own understanding and to trust in the word of the lord, that I grow 6 inches and loose 20 pound and get 6 pack abs overnight, that I can write a book in a day, that I live to be 100 without a serious illness cause life is interesting to live, that everything that I say people will listen to it as truth, that a million or more people visit my blog and laugh at my blog post everyday, that all people who believe in him shall have everlasting life and that they will be save by his grace, that the lord will have mercy on us all. Is there anything else to pray for…yes that the recession ends tomorrow! I already said that…oops! I am not overly religious but I have bouts of spirituality that would put the devil to shame….tell the truth shame the devil.

Here is  list of gospel music that put my inspiration, thoughts that god has left not the room….Sometimes you have to turn off that secular music and listen to gospel music so that it can reach into your soul. One thing for certain that I know about the lord is no matter what you have done, no matter where you have been he’s got your back. Just have faith…yeah I am a believer! Just like getting an education no one can take that away…yeah of course there will be some storms but guess what…it ain’t nothing but a season in your life! Now that right there is from the voice of a women who has been through a little something something….one day I’ll tell ya’all about it. In the meantime enjoy the music. I dare you to click and listen…..we about to have church up in here on this blog. I am having church all by myself! Glory…praise his name!

Mahalia Jackson What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Aretha Franklin & James Cleveland God Will Take Care Of You

James Cleveland I Won’t Complain

James Cleveland I Don’t Believe He Brought This Far

Earnest Pugh Call Him

Marvin Sapp Praise Him Advance

Marvin Sapp Be Encouraged

Marvin Sapp God Favors Me

Marvin Sapp Never Could Have Made It

Marvin Sapp You Are God Alone

Kirk Franklin Brighter Day

Kirk Franklin The Reason Why We Sing

Kirk Franklin My Life Is Is In Your Hands

Yolanda Adam – Battle Is Not Yours

Byron Cage Broken But I’m Healed

Byron Cage I Will Bless The Lord

Jonathan Nelson My Name Is Victory

Earnest Pugh Just For Who You Are

Earnest Pugh All I Need

Kirk Franklin – The Storm Is Over Now

Ann Nesby -  I found A Place

Dayna Caddel What he’s Done

Donald Lawrence Back To Eden

James Fortune I Trust You

Dottie Peoples Hes On Time

Darrell Petties Thank You Jesus

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