It’s the Weekend…TGIF

jam Its the Weekend...TGIF

Another day another day a dollar short….ummmm that is what the rant is….but what does this weekend mean to you?

I am on some different shit…sure tis.

  • I woke up this morning: I have seen many folks pass away that I loved prematurely “die” within a moments notice.
  • Trouble….HA! Do you really want to hear my spewing troubles? For real. I got some “real” shit to tell ya.
  • Life is short….it really passes by in a moments notice. FOCUS on real shit in your “real” world. Justsaying….LIVE.LOVE. n LAUGH.
  • Trouble do not last always. Depending on the trouble. Investigation Discovery has open my eyes to reality television. F all that so call reality television nowadays on television.
  • Who are those people that judge, comment n spew hatred…..Ummmmm. Who knows?
  • What the hell is privacy is the 21st century? Can someone tell me…thank you.
  • What happen to the good ole days? It is left back there in the good ole days when folks were hush hush….not anymore. Thank you Jesus…..ummmm. MUM is no longer the word of the day. Speak up n spew loudly till you lungs need a lemon drink.
  • Gossip is bullshit….who are those people? Are they really insiders?
  • Get what I am putting down here? Ummm if you do not. Do you. Ain’t nobody listening to you anyway lest you on some asinine ish. Then what it do? This is the 21st century. The good ole days are long pass n I hope they never come back. K…..
  • Do you be “JAMMIN” in the mirror. That is the good ole days.
  • At the end of day….no failure boo.
  • It’s the weekend….blurred lines through your view or you ain’t jivin‘. Get your life.
  • At the end of the day “I WILL NOT COMPLAIN“….NOPE.
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