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On August 12, 2009 Perez Hilton, notorious celebrity blogger, launched a sister site named CocoPerez which will be a fashion focused site. Perez plans to change up his tone on his fashion site, and even claims there will be no trashy white writing and symbols across each photo. I doubt very seriously if Anna Wintour will be sweating in her boots after reading this interview with Perez Hilton posted on Purse Blog:

Should the fashion magazines be scared?
Absolutely. Anna Wintour watch out! Actually, Anna Wintour’s days are already numbered now, so she should be cowering in fear. I don’t know if she’ll make it past the Fall. Eventually, I will have a larger audience than Vogue.

Maybe she should work for cocoperez?
Um, if she takes a paycut.

Lady Gaga is your good pal. Is she going to be a correspondent?
Maybe. That’s a really good idea. Hey, thanks. When celebs go to fashion week, they can give me their first hand look and things like that. Share pictures from the show. I love it!

What do you say to any critics who might point out you don’t have a fashion background?
I think it’s great that I don’t because it gives me an objective yet opinionated look into the world of fashion that my readers can relate to. I like to think, even though I dress like a clown, I know what looks good on women, the same way I know what sounds good musically. I’m not trying to be a tastemaker. I’m just trying to have fun with fashion the way I have fun with celebrities and the way I have fun with fashion in my own life. I wear crazy, outlandish things. I’m constantly trying to do new things with my hair.

Love the orange, btw.
Thanks. Sometimes I wear things that are ridiculous on purpose. I know I’m looking bad. That’s premeditated. Especially for a guy. I have to try that much harder to get noticed. I wore a cape once to Kimora’s Baby Phat fashion show.

Speaking of Kimora, there are so many celebrities with their own fashion lines these days. Jessica Simpson just announced a line of lingerie. Should they stop already? What do you think about that?
Kimora’s been doing it for a while and she makes a lot of money. If you’re making money, then, great. I’m not going to knock the hustle! But I’ll tell you who does it really well, actually. Nicole Ritchie is designing really cute stuff for House of Harlow. I do like what the Olsens are doing. I like Victoria Beckham even though it’s not very inventive or original stuff. I’ll tell you who should give it up— Beyonce´. I don’t really think House of Dereon is very cute looking. But I blame her mother. I blame Tina for those hideous designs.

Who are your favorite designers?
I’m not inspired by designers— what inspires me are celebrities. Someone like David Bowie is an inspiration. What he did for fashion and entertainment. But If I had to pick designers I love the avant-garde designers. I love Gautier, Alexander McQueen, Garth Pugh. And I love all the designers that send me free clothes.

How do you feel about models being too skinny?
I don’t think a model could ever be too skinny. So forget about that. That’s their job! I don’t want to encourage anyone to be unhealthy, but fashion is fantasy. I have to agree with Karl Lagerfeld. I don’t want to see a fat model on the runway. Actually, no. I disagree. I could see a fat fashion model on the runway if she were fierce! You have to be fierce. I would give them a shot. There should be more like that. I love Beth Ditto from The Gossip.

Project Runway or The Fashion Show?
Runway. I love Heidi.

As Heidi would say, who is ‘out’ in fashion?
I think Christian Audigier should go away, for sure.

What’s the most offensive fashion faux-pas you’ve seen in celebrity land lately?
My pet peeve is when guys wear flip-flops out to clubs. It makes me want to stomp on their feet.

In less than a month you’re going to head to fashion week. How do you think the fashion gliteratti will receive you?
I don’t really care how I’m received. I’m like the gay superman. I live in my own world, my own planet— Perez land. I don’t play by anybody else’s rules. I make up my own. Mr. Blackwell’s gone but Perez has just arrived.

Think they’ll seat you in the front row?
They better.

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