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How to make it as a “Fashion” blogger.

I totally have been lackadaisical with blogging since 2008. My last blog post was October 2012. I had gotten bored and uninspired. After watching and listening to “How to Make it as a Fashion Blogger”. WOW!  Talk about a reality check. They breathe new life into the world of blogging. When I first started blogging 4 plus years ago. I had no clue about what to blog about on a daily basis. Now I know….I had a voice in the cybersphere. Who knew? Lord have mercy. I will be back soon. I miss blogging on my own website thephotographer4you.

  • So what as a “blogger” you’re a little fish in a big pond.
  • A blogger voice counts.
  • It pays to be your snarky self.
  • No “bloggers” are not always going to agree with everything, everybody and anything with my audience.
  • Bloggers have a voice that maybe quiet down for all the wrong reasons.
  • It is “OK” for a “blogger” to be different and use their “own” voice.
  • Ultimately one must be entrenched in their own worlds. Finding your own blogging voice. Broadcasting your own blogging voice to your audience. Often and as frequently as possible. CONTENT. CONTENT. CONTENT.
  • Bring your world to the world. The is the whole point of blogging. Show your world to your readership.
  • Share your experiences. Bring your readers to where you are, where you live and use your voice.
  • Brands will find you. PR value to your readership. Social Media helps to reach a audience.
  • What can you offer to a brand? Do not contact brands for free swag. Be a professional business person. Be professional! PERIOD!
  • Develop relationships with brands. Be a grown up. Be honest. Engage with the brand.
  • Separate your blogging life from your reality life.
  • Email offerings.: Don’t accept everything because it is free. Don’t take it too seriously. It is not personal! It is business.
  • Thank you guys for making this video. WATCH THE VIDEO.
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