Blogging Is Boring….

hope Blogging Is Boring....

Yesterday I received a comment on my Facebook wall from a dear neighbor that gave me a jaunt to start blogging vigorously again.

You always keep me so up to date! Would be lost without your posts! Thanks neighbor!

toblogornottoblog Blogging Is Boring....

For the last two months I found myself bored with blogging and distracted by all the social media tools and games popping up on the Internet. To read a comment from a genuine commenter compelled me to reflect on why I started blogging in the first place? The million dollar question that I have been pondering has been to blog or not blog?

I blog to educate, inspired, piss folks off, entertain, motivate, make people laugh, bring a smile to your face, cyberhug, to get folks to ponder, to share the images the way I view them through my DSL camera and iPhone lens , upload my personal videos to YouTube, share my favorite videos on Blogger and to chime into the bantering noise that is traveling through cyberspace. I woke up very early this morning and laid in my bed thinking I can basically write about whatever I want on thephotographer4you®. I have been tweeting other folks stuff on Twitter, giving out Klout juice to those that are +K with me, uploading images via Instagram, duplicating my iphoneography images from Instagram to my Tumblr blog, uploading images to Flickr and talking mess on my Facebook newsfeed wall. thephotographer4you® blog has not been given a lot of attention over the last two months.

I also had an epiphany in the wee hours of this morning. Why the heck was I not blogging on thephotographer4you® and sharing my own images and information through my own blog portal? I feel that I have alienated my readership that may not give a hoot about any of the social tools that I’ve found amusing that could be time wasters for them.

There you have it! Blogging is boring but it can be fulfilling when folks are actually reading your content and implement it within their everyday lives. Thank you Amy for the kind words. I appreciate my readership and thank God for you all. Thank you all that continue to come to the thephotographer4you® to read my bantering rants and view my images.  thephotographer4you® is grateful for your continued readership and support!

I like to encourage myself and hopefully you get a little something something from it too!

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
~ Harriet Tubman


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