Bloggers Are Noticed In Mainstream Media

04.11.06.BloggersDilem X Bloggers Are Noticed In Mainstream MediaIn less than one month I notice two online media websites wrote a blip about rising bloggers: “The Rising Stars of Gossip Blogs” and How Black Blogs Covered Sandra Bullock. Remember when Perez hit the blogging scene several years ago and the world was not ready for him….a gay man at that, jaws dropped at his candid and outlandish remarks on his post. He is still considered one of the most hated blogger on the Internet and among celebrities. For those who are really bold take a surf over to the out, real and raw entertaining Da Doo Dirty show, DJ Baker will have your jaws dropping and you holding your side from laughing soo hard. Love B. Scott got folks afraid to admit that is one gorgeous man except Jamie Foxx kept it real and hire him on the Foxxhole….dang, B is a pretty man and if your not careful you might really think it is was a women if you drink too much alcohol and your in a night club and he is calling you love muffin. Of course we have CNN, MSNBC, and all those othermainstream news outlets but every once in a while we need realness in your face type of commentary and images.

I must admit that blogs bring interesting commentary to our computer screens to read, listen to in amusement and entertain. The blip written by Newsweek about how black bloggers are more prone to cover a wide range of topics than their white counterparts is true. That is across the board…including photography publications. Just a random thought!

Diversity is not as practice as much as you see those words in print at the bottom of the screen, in newspaper ad announcements or in print. It looks good to say that you practice diversity but that can go left and it is not an easy topic to discuss. A picture can speak a thousand words and if Bloggers Are Noticed In Mainstream Media I picked up Vogue tomorrow….I probably would see a majority of the models being strictly white and skinny gracing the cover and inside the magazine, and if we are lucky we get one black model whose head has been shaved and she looks like a boy or like she just came from swimming in a pool filled with chlorine because her hair would be dry and brittle.  Except occasionally they will put Naomi on the cover….I wonder if that has something to do with her married billionaire boyfriend or Naomi verbally bringing up the issue about where are all the black models? The articles are insightful but there is a lot of work to be done in media….online and in print.

I won’t even go there with the photography industry because that is a post all by itself….it is primary old white men and a handful of women who worked their ass off to get a gig. Ask Annie and she probably can write a book about the lack of women let alone a black women getting photography gigs. 

Oh…that is not a black thing either……I wonder is Corporate America still practicing diversity?

Blogging does allow one to let it all hang out verbally and that my friends can get interesting….especially when your reading my blog post.

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