Blogger Perez Hilton Offered 20 Million For His Blog

perez hilton Blogger Perez Hilton Offered 20 Million For His BlogIt pays to blog nowadays especially when it turns into a major cash cow….according to cyberspace a week ago. The most hated blogger – Perez Hilton has been offered 20 million dollars for his blog. Word is that his attorney has not responded to the lucrative offer. I remember when dude came out five years ago slinging dirt on celebrities and no one knew his name and now he has become a household name. It pays to dream……I wonder what the haters are saying now about P-Nasty? Hilton, who Forbes recently named the biggest star on the web for the third year running.

This blogger started Perez Hilton on a shoe string budget and was hanging out in coffee shops that had a wifi connection to write his daily blog post. He draws on folks pics and have outed  a few folks much to their dislike, been beat up and called every name but the child of God. Been on the interview circuit and magazine covers….Perez Hilton has become a brand and someone wants to buy it for 20 million dollars. If this story is true than what a remarkable (ROI)…return on investment for P-Nasty.

Gawker has learned that Avid Life Media, the owner of sites including and Ashley Madison, has partnered with two prominent gossip bloggers to put in a $20 million bid to acquire

Avid Life’s spokesperson, Steph Davidson, confirmed to us this morning that the company has teamed with Zack Taylor—gossip blogger and proprietor of—and Nik Richie, who runs the gossip site, to make a bid for Davidson also confirmed that a Letter of Intent was submitted to Perez and his attorneys earlier this week, and that Avid Life is now just waiting for a response.

We have obtained a copy of that Letter of Intent. It says that Avid Life subsidiary Eight Days Inc., along with Zack Taylor and Dirty World LLC, are offering Perez $20 million—$18 million up front, and $2 million in escrow for a year—for

The letter states that “The Purchaser presently intends to continue, in the normal course, the employment of all employees of the Business from and after the Closing Date.” But it also says that following the purchase, Zack Taylor and Nik Richie “will operate the business.” It’s our understanding that the intention is to use the address as a sort of massive traffic-forwarding address to a new gossip site run by Taylor and Richie. What role (if any) Perez Hilton himself would have in this is unclear; Avid Life’s Davidson said that she couldn’t say, because they don’t know yet.

Major caveats: This offer could be more of a PR stunt than anything else. Gaining some media coverage for this could be a great way to, say, get a lot of free advertising for a new site that Taylor, Richie, and Avid Life wanted to launch. It’s unclear if Perez is interested in selling his site. And without knowing what Perez’s role post-sale would be, it’s hard to say whether the offer is a viable one or not. A year ago, 24/7 Wall Street estimated’s value at $32 million, and that number would presumably be higher now. Then again, such outside estimates of closely held internet companies are notoriously tricky; $20 million could well be more realistic. And while gossip bloggers themselves may be prone to PR stunts, Avid Life is a very real player: It paid $20 million for two years ago.

We’ve emailed Perez Hilton for comment, and we’ll update with any response. The Letter of Intent, which is addressed to Perez’s attorney, Todd Rubenstein of Morris Yorn Barnes & Levine, is below.


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