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blog 799x185 Blog Spotlight | Guest of a GuestI have to admit one of my guilty pleasures is surfing the blog of  “Guest of a Guest.” Although I don’t live in the locales of New York, Hamptons, Los Angelos or Washington, D.C.; my eyes salivate from the deets going on in the various cities. I can live precariously through the entertainment, fashion, digital images and updated scoop about the happenings around town the dolls and divos post daily.  I want to become a guest at one of the hot spots too! Can a sista get a gift bag, lipgloss, a magazine, a digital image, entry, swag or something? In the meantime I guess I will settle for being a guest of a guest by peeking inside as a cyber guest for the daily scoop on the website from my laptop screen at my desk. I absolutely heart real folks who spill the tea!

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