Blog Spotlight: “Downlow Series” on Panache Reports

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This is a story about a down-low lifestyle found at Panache Reports. Women and men need to protect and continue to educate themselves. Down-low men are back on the horizon. It is a serious issue within the African American community because no one wants to address the issue of AIDS. African American women are catching the HIV virus more than any other race and that is scary. People need to protect themselves against the deadly virus known as HIV. This is not a gay issue, it is a people issue. The down-low lifestyle has been revealed years ago; remember the story “When Stella Got Her Grove Back” that was a true story. Terri McMillan husband was on the down-low and she was not happy when she found out about it either. I remember when she went on the “Oprah” show and revealed her very public and ugly divorce. This story is very interesting and it is a good read for those who especially are facing an suspect down-low relationship but is in denial. Panache Reports have other stories that are equally entertaining and informative.:

Our “Down-low” series continues….Short Story Pick! “Down-low: Based in San Francisco”

Backstory: This is an original PR story focusing on-An All-American high school athlete’s guarded “downlow” secret that results in murder.

Click here to read:Downlow: Based In San Francisco

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