Blog Spotlight | Diary Of A Hollywood Street King

diary Blog Spotlight | Diary Of A Hollywood Street King

Diary Of A Hollywood Street King

Early this morning while trolling the Internet street. I was visiting @GYANTUNPLUGGED searching for the infamous Wendy William’s interview which was done after he had some choice words for her on his blog. The next day he was sitting down with her and she was shooting a spot for Comcast on Demand for his blog….hmmmm! I heard the tea from @ddirty531 from the Da Doo-Dirty Show which had me howling at my computer screen during the show segment and curious too. Dude go in hard and no hold bars when talking shit! All of these folks are interesting to listen to in the background while surfing and trolling the Internet street for my morning cup of celebrity tea and if you want sugar with that….I strongly suggest you don’t visit their cyberspace house…..your feelings and ears just might get hurt! Oh yeah, if your the sort of individual who has a problem with looking at other folks tits and ass… might not want to troll on Jacky street…girls over there on that cyber street are tastefully showing a lot of slits and cracks! I call them the hardcore blogging boys who serve it and can take it too!

I discovered a cat @jackyjasper on GyantUnplugged while trolling his blog post for entertainment. I never heard of JackyJasper before early this morning….I was instantly intrigued with the real talk and his willingness to allow his readers a glimpse into his cyberspace house….when your that real and honest about yourself, who need friends for real! “Diary of a Hollywood Street King” blog is where I found the infamous laptop dance that the 16 year old, Miley Cyrus was doing with the 44 year old gay man, Shankman the Internet street is buzzing and debating about…TMZ pulled the video? When I read about celebrities I want the real deets and not some made up shit…..entertain me because my attention span is really short….

A blogger that wants a little spotlight but really the comment does nothing to change my mind or perspective on him kissing his momma. Now if your Daddy Diddy post a picture on the cyberspace street kissing any of his daughters full on the lips in about twenty years from now. Do you think he can use the same comment Quincy posted on his blog? Hell to the naw….This is what I think society will do….they will hang his ass out to dry and once that public lynching is done, there is not one thing he could do to redeem that entrepreneurial image he has built up. I am very surprise that Quincy and his momma, Kim Porter would think that posting a pic on the cyberspace street kissing  is acceptable considering that his Daddy Diddy is always praising Mom Combs. I have never seen Diddy  kiss Mom Combs on the lip to show her the warm and fuzzy feeling. If Quincy wants to publicly express warmth to his  momma….go buy her diamonds, perfume or fly her to an island to relax. Outside of that I don’t know what to tell the naive kid except that is some weird shit…..the young lady you choose to select as an partner-her parents might think so too! Good for Quincy that he is kissing all the dolls in his family and keep keeping it warm and fuzzy! Can’t wait to see those pic show up on the Internet…..I can’t even fathom the thought of grandmother Combs kissing her grandson full on the lips, taking a picture and posting it on the Internet…..she is much too fierce for that! I am just saying!

This is what International Quincy has to say about his momma and their affection on May 10, 2010 on his blog.

There were a lot of mixed opinions and judgements that surfaced the internet today concerning the kiss i gave my mother on Mother’s Day. I think it deserves a personal response from me……

Yesterday was Mother’s Day; A special day to celebrate and give thanks to all mothers and mother figures present in our lives. I chose to express my love and devotion to my Mother, not only by presenting her with gifts and verbal means of appreciation, but by sharing my LOVE for her with the WORLD; A KISS!

I come from a warm, loving and close family. It really is a secure feeling to be apart of a caring family, and my Mother is so much apart of the warmth and love that helps us appreciate and enjoy one another. All through the years, I’ve kissed my Mom, my Grandmother, and my Great-Grandmothers………With more kisses to come.

OH Really…..I wonder if being a spawn of an mainstream celebrity give you and your momma the right to do non traditional shit that is not very common in my small little world? I am just saying…….your still a black family and your ass can not be out in world doing weird shit..folks will talk about you like a dog, hang you out to dry like they did with Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, and other black celebrity men that thought they could get away with doing weird shit! Don’t believe me simply call Chris Brown, Lawrence Taylor, O.J. Simpson. Call Chris Brown and ask him how his career is going after that infamous beatdown he put on Rihanna? Your trying to make a name for yourself, too handsome and too grown up to be doing simple ish like that! Now I have nothing else to say on this matter. @ThisismyiQ

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