Black on Black Beating Up Folks Becoming A Trend?

blackonblackcrimebig Black on Black Beating Up Folks Becoming A Trend?What’s really hood with all of these folks beating people up to the point they end up dead? Is this a black on black trend? I am stunned by Kandi Burruss x-fiancee who died this past weekend, the Carmelo Anthony’s two brothers reportedly beaten outside of Isis bar in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago and who can forget that precious child Derrion Albert beaten up by his own peers.

All of these crimes occurred at the hand of a beatdown by a large group of African American individuals who felt they are above the law. I don’t get it! Are we becoming afraid to step in and stop these horrendous beat downs as an community? Is it your child that you’ve lost control of a long time ago and they still live in your house? This type of behavior is horrendous, it should be reported immediately to the proper authorities and community neighborhood watchdogs should put the entire family on front street who condone this type of violence within their household environments. The individuals who caused the death of another should be held accountable for these violent and horrific crimes, there is absolutely no excuse for taking the life of another. This is a bit much and a high disregard for human life including their own. The shit is clearly out of control and happening right under our noses. It must STOP and now would be a good chance for everyone to step up and make some noise.

Most of the people who have been reported in the media have been celebrities in their own right but Derrion Albert became known as the child who was killed at the hands of a violent beat down and not for his stellar performance as student. It is really a shame and a very sad situation on many levels. Just think there are stories similar to Derrion Albert of these types of crimes of individuals who kill people by beating them we never hear about in the media….because the beating of Derrion Albert was videotape and made it rounds on the Internet and that is the reason it received national media attention. As I viewed the taping…..I pondered about why none of the adults put a stop to it or jumped forward to rescue this child from an obvious violent beating? Are these people afraid of the very children that walk their streets, they are raising within their own homes and go to school with their children?

When I was a child you better not come up in the crib with that nonsense….you would have to deal with the entire family and the beat-down and tongue lashing you received was enough to keep your ass in check. We have lost a generation of children that have no regard for human life, family life and others. The elders need to take it back with a quickness and demand some respect from our children. And that my mean kicking out your children who are acting like they done lost their damn minds!

Now were are waiting for our influential hip hop folks, athletes, civil right leaders and church folks voices to raise awareness within their own community to end what appears to become a new trend with black on black beating to death. It is time to impact the parents, single parents households and these school age children who are emulating gang banging persona’s.

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