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There is an article written in the Washington Post today about T-Pain called “Motor Mouth” written by J. Freedom Du Lac, Washington Staff Writer. Thanks to Auto Tune

T-Pain has created his own sound which make him sound like a cyborg or a robot voice. A lot of celebrities are simulating in their sound from Ne-YO, Ciara, Chris Brown, Cher, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Well T-Pain said he is tired of hearing the sound produced by  Auto Tune by other celebrities that he is going to start singing au natural in his song called “Karaoke”. The song in this post is Auto Tune is on its way out with T-Pain, he is tire of it and moving on. I can’t say I blame him. It does get a bit tiresome to listen to that sound constantly. [singlepic=61,320,240,,] Picture from T-Pain Official Website.

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